Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mother Kirti Shows Baby Radha a Picture of Shree Krishna

Little Radhaji has opened Her eyes for the first time when Little Kanha came to the function at Vrishbhanuji's palace. When the function got over little Kanha had to return His home with His parents. Now here in Barsana, Baby Radharani was feeling very lonely without Her beloved Krishna. She was passing through severe sadness. Sometimes She wept silently and sometimes She lost Herself in memories of Krishna. She remained in the cradle without any movement for long hours.

Looking to the condition of her beloved princess, Mother Kirti got very anxious. She tried her best to get her charming daughter back to normal. She offered Her a milk, but Baby Radha refused to drink. She offered fruit juices, toys, lotus and other flowers, pearls strings, dolls...but nothing could change Her mood.

Now the mother was really concerned. She couldn't understand what was wrong with her effulgent daughter? Suddenly a thought sparked in her mind. She very well knew that after the meeting with Baby Kanha, for the first time Radhaji opened her lotus-eyes.

She immediately drew a beautiful picture of Kanha and showed it to Her. 

When Baby Radha saw that picture, She jumped back into sitting as if She was brought back to life again. Her lotus-eyes Started sparking. A beautiful smile came on the rose like lips. Her face was shining like a full moon. She immediately woke up from the cradle and raised Her hands to grab the wonderful photo of Shree Krishna!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Baby Krishna Wants The Moon!

Ever since little Krishna came to Nand Baba’s home, every day He spreads bliss by revealing different Leelas. Especially Mother Yashoda began drenching in the ras of Bal Krishna. Everyday Krishna raises new questions and demands and mother relish His innocence!!

One late evening, little Krishna was strolling in the terrace with mother Yashoda. Suddenly He saw the Moon. He told His mother pointing at the Moon, "Maiya, what’s that?" The Mother said, "Oh! That is Moon, Lalla."

Krishna said, “I want that!”

The Mother said, “It’s too far away, my boy!”

Krishna: “It looks like a big lump of butter!”

Mother: “Yes my dear, but it’s not butter!”

Krishna: “Whatever it is, I want to play with it.”

Krishna was very keen to have the Moon in His home. Mother thought yesterday also I diverted Him from catching His own reflection. Now if I would not do anything today, my Lalla will feel bad. So Maiya filled a big vessel with water and put it in the terrace; one could easily see the Moon’s reflection in that water. Maiya showed it to Krishna. 

Mother: “Look Kanha! The moon is right here now!”

Krishna rushed to the vessel and saw the reflection of Moon. For a moment He was very happy. He put His hand in the vessel but only water came to His hand. Again He started, "This is not what I want."

Maiya got very confused. “How to convince this little charming boy!!?" she thought. Suddenly a beautiful thought sparked in her mind. She took Lalla in her lap and softly told, “My dear, see this moon has a dark spot in him. I heard that in the neighbouring village Barsana, a very charming sweet girl has appeared at Vrishbhanuji’s home. She is prettier and brighter than this moon. Moreover, there is no dark shadow on Her face. Her name is “Radha”. I will try to take you to her; then you will forget this Moon.”

Surprisingly, Krishna immediately got convinced. “Maiya are you sure, you will take me to Her?”

Maiya told:  "Of course, I promise You."

Krishna smiled and mumbled, "Maiya, I just wanted to listen to this sweet name 'Radha' and wanted the assurance to meet Her. I eagerly waiting to see Her in child form on this planet earth!!"