Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Devotion to God is the Nature of the Soul

Your hand is a part of your body, and the natural duty of the hand is to serve te body. It carries food to the mouth and feeds the body. In doing so, the hand automatically receives the nourishment, blood, and oxygen it needs for its own survival. The hand does not need to take care of itself separately. In caring for whatever it is a part of, its self-interest is automatically provided for.

Let us say, the hand refuses to serve the body, and says, "I have had enough! All my life has passed by in serving this repulsive body. No more now! Cut me away from it, I will take care of myself." Do you think the hand will be able to survive on its own! Definitely not!

Its self-interest lies in serving what it is a part.

The soul too, is an integral part of God. Hence, the natural duty of the soul is to serve God. 

By doing so, the soul automatically gets the Divine Knowledge, Love, and Bliss for which it has been hankering since eternity. Its self-interest is fulfilled by loving and serving God, of whom it is an integral part.

- An excerpt from 'ESSENCE OF HINDUISM'
Bal-Mukund Character Building Series.

Friday, May 18, 2018

An Act of Compassion Towards The Speechless Creatures

Little Efforts for Noble Service!

The mother nature is getting more and more harsh this summer due to the mistakes, apathy, and irresponsible acts of human race. Forecasts of heat waves are worrisome. We have many ways and means to overcome or tolerate these heat-waves, but what about the other species on planet Earth?

We human speak out our needs. Sometimes by demanding, sometimes by requesting, sometimes by shouting or if required, even (in some cases) by snatching, we do fulfill our needs. But think about the birds and animals.

Amid the abnormal heat spike, thirsty birds and stray animals have to hunt for a drop of water--specially in urban areas. Give a thought to the speechless birds and animals; who would not speak or scream or shout for water, they just...silently...loose their lives due to the thirst!

Let us be little bit concerned for these speechless creatures!

Please arrange for a water bowl specially for them. We do not have to spend much time, energy, or money for this noble service! Just a bowl filled with pure and fresh water! That is all. It is not at all a major task but it would save lives! 

If you are very busy, you can definitely pass this current of compassion to your children! Give them this opportunity to take charge of providing pure water to the birds for entire summer season. This way you can teach them the values of concern, kindness, and compassion. Do not miss this chance to teach them that being an elevated creature, being a human it is our moral duty to keep compassion for all other creatures on this earth.

The birds and animals don't ask for coconut water or butter milk or aerated cold drinks.They need plain and pure water! We can definitely arrange for pure water! Can't we ??

Someone has very well said that, "Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test...consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy---Birds and Animals.

Few suggestions regarding placing water bowl for birds or animals.

1. Place a water bowl in a balcony or a compound or a garden. If possible place them on different and many places, so that many birds can get the advantage and satisfy their thirst!

2. Those living in bungalows can easily help even the animals like cows and dogs.

3. Keep the bowls under the shade or at the place where it can be saved from direct sunlight.

4. Always keep pure, fresh and clean water in the bowl.

5. Prefer clay bowls as clay bowls are better than plastic or metal bowls because the water stays very cool even when temperature is very high.

6. For animals a big, deep, and large bowls are suitable, but for the birds select little shallow bowls. Remember they have only small beak to drink water.

7. Do not forget to wash the bowl daily. Disinfect it by putting empty in the sunlight for some time. 

8. During the day, periodically keep filling the bowl with clean and fresh water.

9. Animals are very fearful by nature, any kind of petting, touching, teasing will keep them away and it may restrain them from coming.

Let the birds and animals feel at home and visit more often your residence!