Monday, August 29, 2016

Major Divine Events Related to Krishna Janma!

It was foretold by a voice in the sky that Krishna will take birth from Devaki and kill Kansa. Hearing this, Kansa immediately tried to kill Devaki, but her husband Vasudev intervened.

When Devaki became the residence of divinity as Lord Krishna entered in her womb, Lord Shiv and Lord Brahma accompnied by great sages like Narad and followed by many other demigods, invisibly appeared in the prison. They began to pray to t heir beloved Shree Krishna.

When eighth child was born, the Supreme Lord appeared in His Divine form; the prison was filled with brightness of a myriad suns. Both Devaki and Vasudev prayed to the Supreme Being. On Devaki ji's request, the Supreme Lord assumed form of a little baby. Simultaneously, the divine energy of Lord Vishnu was born in Gokul, as a Baby girl to Yashoda maiya.

A divine message came to Vasudev soon after the birth of Lord Krishna, "Take the special Child across the Yamuna River to Gokul at Nand Maharaj's home, where another special Child, Yogamaya, is waiting; leave Baby Krishna there and bring that special Child here. You will return to the prison before anyone comes to know about the birth of this Child."

As soon as Vasudev ji took Baby Krishna in hand to move to Gokul, the shackles on his body fell off; the prison doors opened automatically and surprisingly the guards yawned into a deep sleep.

Heavy rains and violent thunder storm were raging down the village as Vasudev approached Gokul. He thought, "I have a basket keeping Krishna on my head and that protects me from the rain but what about this little boy? How should I protect Him from this rain??" Suddenly Sheshnag came to serve his Lord and spread his many hoods, covering the baby Lord!!

As soon as Yamunaji came to know that her Lord had been born on earth and passing through her water, she hurriedly raised her waters to touch the lotus feet of Baby Krishna! Yamuna's water almost reached to the neck and face of Vasudevji.

Looking at the devotion of Yamuna and the difficulties of His father, Baby Krishna took out the thumb of His leg and allowed Yamuna to touch it. Yamuna, being a devotee, immediately decreased the level of her water and cleared the path for Vasudev.

Vasudevji reached Nand Maharaj's home where Baby Yogmaya was waiting. As per the divine voice, Vasudev left Krishna by sleeping Yashoda maiya's side and carried baby Yogamaya to the prison.

On other day, when Kansa came to know that eighth child was born, he came to kill the child. But as he tried to kill the child, Baby Yogmaya sleeped from his hand and announced, " O fool Kansa! Your killer is already born in Gokul!: Speaking this She disappeared.

Here in Gokul, Devakinandan became Yashodanandan!!

Years passed by....and finally after killing Kansa, Krishna and Balaram freed their parents Devaki and Vasudev from the prison. To fulfill the desire of Mother Devaki, Krishna returned her six sons!