Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CKC WINNING Poem [Mero Makkhan Chor by Sanchit Singh] 3rd Prize

Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest 2013 WINNING Poem
Third Prize


 by Sanchit Singh

Shree Gopal is the all

Knowing, the all powerful

And yet he is just like


Always happy pleasant and


His pure innocence, his

Innocent looks

Are all visible in me too

The most obvious is his

Love for butter

For I desire MAKKHAN

Like no other

God is in everyone, so

He is in me, Gopal is


Gopal is loving, he is

Oh so Kind!

Gopal has so much live for one and all

He is both yours and

He is also mine

Always up to some trouble

Was little Gopal

And just like him

I’m always causing


And yet, just like him

I am, too, loved by all

The apple of her eyes, her

Son, Gopal

Yashoda’s love for her him

Was completely unmatched

And just so is

My mother’s love for me

For which I am proud,

 Grateful and extremely glad

And then there is the

Feeling of his presence

I experience when I

Feel fear or nervousness

His loving smile, his

Caring hand

over my head instantly

gets rid of my stress

For all these reasons,

Gopal is in me I feel

He is mine

His halo alight around his head,

He is always looking after me

His glowing smile bright with love     

CKC Poem [Respecting Parents by Ria Trivedi]

Respecting Parents
by Ria Trivedi

Thank you, mama 
Thank you, papa 
Three small words
So much to add
For all your love
And your support

A million words
Would be too short.

The words “I love you”
Seem too few
To express the love
I have for you!

CKC WINNING Poem [Gopal is Mine by Sonakshi Bhatia] 2nd Prize

Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest 2013 WINNING Poem
Second Prize

Gopal Is Mine

By: Sonakshi Bhatia

 Gopal is the one, who comforts you down,
When you are the angriest or saddest in the town.  He’s always there right at your side, 
From Him, there’s never a secret you can hide.
Sometimes it feels like He’s never there, But He is – to make things fair. 
The boring days will go away, 
When you and Gopal can play.

If you are sad and need someone to talk to, Just remember, Gopal is always there for you. 
When your family isn’t there and you’re all alone, 
Then Gopal is the one to phone.

When you’re hurting others and doing violence, Gopal is surely bound to be on silence. 
When you are nice and do not scoff, 
He notes it down and checks it off. 

He leaves most of life’s puzzle pieces missing, 
If you try solving them, it’ll leave you angrily hissing. 
When it’s time go to bed, Gopal watches alertly over your head. 
So I thank Gopal very much, 
To teach me to reach out to other’s hearts to touch. 
So when you are bored, remember what I said, 
Call out to Gopal and He’ll come alive in your head.

CKC WINNING Poem [Respecting Parents by Soham Patel] 1st Prize

Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest 2013 WINNING Poem
First Prize


By:  Soham Patel

 I give my parents love and respect,
I believe that's 100% correct.

My dad is so caring,
He is also very loving.

My mom helps me with my homework,
I am respecting her by doing my best work.

My parents are like my teacher,
To help me build my future.

My parents are so dear,
Because of that I have no fear

When my parents teach me how to worship at the temple
They keep it very simple

My parents are really wise
Those are not lies

My mom and dad are my best friend
And that's always going to be a trend

My parents are very helpful
And very respectful

My mom taught me stories of god
She taught me numbers that are even and odd

My parents tell wonderful stories during bedtime
I help my parents during my free time

When my mom makes delicious food
I will be in a great mood

I am going to impress my mom by writing neat
Also by touching her lovely feet

My Dad teaches me chess
I love him more, not less

My parents love me more than anything in this world
I thank them from my bottom of heart to bring me in this world