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Bal-Mukund Chhote Philosopher Contest-2013

Chhote Philosopher Contest is designed to:
· Inspire youth to develop their creativity, writing skills and analytical abilities.
· Encourage study of Vedic culture and instill pride in it.
· Locate talent amongst youth and help build their confidence

Age: 5-7 yrs

Age: 8-11 yrs

Age: 12-15 yrs

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Winning Poems of Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest-2012

GROUP 1 [Age 8 to 11]

Mini Pant- Rocky Hill, CT
Click to read her winning poem- Krishna's Little Prank

Tisha Vasudeva-Marlboro, NJ
Click to read her winning poem- Playful Acts of Krishna

Khushi Singh-Albuerque, New Mexico
Click to read her winning poem-  Naughty Krishna

GROUP 2 [Age 12 to 15]
Rhea Korde- Belle Mead, NJ
Click to read her winning Poem-Importance of Festivals

Shruthi Gurudev: Schaumburg, IL
Click to read her winning poem-Prince of Vrindavan

Nikita Tripathi-Belle Mead, NJ
Click to read her winning poem- God's Work of Art

CONGRATULATIONS !! to all the winner

God's Work of Art by Nikita Tripathi

Group 2 [Age 12-15 yrs]
Nikita Tripathi-Belle Mead, NJ
God's Work of Art
I have composed this poem to describe the beautiful Mother Earth that God has given us. His intricate work of art deserves Kindness and Respect from each and every single soul, and this is something we seem to be lacking. So here it goes……

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
After all, we call her “Mother”.
Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
Tell your neighbor, mom, and brother.

Save the Earth, Save the Earth
Don’t we owe her that much?
With all the junk, pollution and dirt,
Don’t you think we should rush?

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
Just pick up a scrap or two.
Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
It’s what we all have to do.

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
It is our call of duty
She gives us food, water and plants
Do we really want them droopy?

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
It is our obligation
Save the Earth, Save the Earth
On cars we can ration.

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
We have made a mess!
We must help out in saving our planet,
How can we people rest?

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
Please help us out,
We take God’s gift for granted,
Like rain in time of drought.

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
Even the 70% that’s water.
For water is life for all it’s worth.
Spread the message to your friends, dad and daughter.

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
We all must stop this blindness!
God has given us so many gifts,
Purely out of kindness.

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
God is ever great,
He made the world, the sky, the stars,
For gratefulness how long must He wait?

Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
I don’t think everyone deserves blame,
But those of us who know we do,
Improvement should be our aim.

So save the Earth, Save the Earth,
We’ll all just do our part.
Save the Earth, Save the Earth,
And restore God’s work of Art!

Prince of Vrindavan by Shruthi Gurudev

Group 2 [Age 12-15 yrs]
Shruthi Gurudev-Schaumburg, IL
Prince of Vrindavan
O' Charming Prince of Vrindavan:

Whose face mirrors the cerulean ocean's wave
And eyes that brim with eternal compassion

We extol thy honest and forgiving soul, who will accept with divine hands, a nut, flower or leaf

Your charm glorifies the haven of Vrindavan- the very cocoon of happening and homeliness

The effervescent color splashed across the town is due to your presence- and your worshippers the shades to enhance it

How pleasant it is to see your dance by day and euphonious production of sound by night

Hark! Yell circles of gopis, even silencing the pink faced and rabble-rousing youngsters

Silence permeates the thick air, and all that is heard is the subtle tinkle of anklets

Until.... Flute notes dance in the air next to the wind, setting forth a torrent of melody from the wooden baton that is clothed in song- It is the Murali!

Nights are still and silent and joyous, mild weather breeze rustling copper leaves, under which you play your flute and peacocks strut their feathers

And when Indira’s rain threatened, citizens were saved; from battling foes of the physical world and of the mental world, and cutting short the banes of mortal existence!

And many other days do you entertain Gopis with your seemingly innocent mischief, scalding the sharp remark on our tongues and warming hearts in succession

O’ prince of Vrindavan, what more can I utter, for your capabilities are ineffable and my words are running out, like trickling butter from shattered clay pots

Though you appear formidable, with glittering jewels, dark skin and the epitome of power
I say that you are ubiquitous

I sing in praise of your gentle actions towards the good, and your just actions toward the wicked,

O’ Prince of Vrindavan accept my praise and bless this World

Importance Festivals by Rhea Korde

Group 2 [Age 12-15 yrs]
Rhea Korde-Belle Mead, NJ
Importance of Festivals
Importance of…….
Figures in history are commemorate
Expressing devotion to the deities of different religions
Seeking blessings from Gods is important during festivals
Triumph of good over evil is a common theme in most festivals
Indian life is shaped around each God and their importance
Varied cultures celebrate special rituals
Add to the colors of the Indian Culture
Life style and vigor is reflected
Stories of Gods and their lives affect our lives in a positive way

Playful Acts of Krishna by Tisha Vasudev

Group 1 [Age 8-11 yrs]
Tisha Vasudev- marlboro,NJ
Playful Acts of Krishna
Krishna is sweet and silly,
He loves butter and dirt equally!

One beautiful day, Krishna was eating dirt,
Balram saw and ran to Mother Yashoda with an alert,

Mother Yashoda went to get a stick,
While Krishna took another lick!

Mother said, "Open your mouth",
And Krishna had a big pout,

Krishna opened his mouth crying,
And Mother Yashoda saw the Universe flying,

Soon, she came out of her daze,
Hugging Krishna she says,

"He is no God, my son,
He is Darling of Vrindavan, my beautiful one!"

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