Friday, September 9, 2016

Baby Radharani's Devotion and Love for Krishna

Once King Vrishabhanu went to the Yamuna river to take bath. He saw a golden lotus flower that shone like a million suns in the middle of the river. In the middle of the lotus flower was baby Radharani. Lord Brahma appeared before King Vrishabhanu and told him that in his previous life he and his wife, Kirti, had performed great austerities to get the consort of Lord Vishnu as their daughter. King Vrishabhanu took the child home. At that time Radhaji's eyes were closed, and She refused to open them. So they found Her to be blind. Narad Muni appeared before the king and told him that “This girl’s beauty and nature is divine.She is not an ordinary child. Nurture this girl thinking Her to be a Goddess.”

According to Narada Muni's advice, Vrishbhanu nurtured Radha with great love and care. A few years went by, Vrishbhanu had a grand function in which he invited the neighbouring villages. Little Krishna also came along with His parents to the function. When baby Krishna crawled before Radharani, She could smell the wonderful aroma of His body, 

When HE reached by the side of Radharani, She opened Her eyes for the first time and had Darshan of Her Beloved Shree Krishna. The first person She saw on this earth planet was Her eternal consort,Shree Krishna, for whose pleasure She had descended in the world.

Radharani is the Goddess of Devotion and Her love for Shree Krishna is the highest ideal of selfless devotion.