Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Divine Thread of Love

Once mother Yashoda decided to prepare butter for her little Krishna. As such being Nandrani, she had many maids to do this job but that day, she wanted to make it herself  for her little Krishna! So, Yashodaji  sent all her Gopis out and sat down churning curd. 

Krishna was enjoying a sound sleep at that time. Suddenly he woke up and insisted for milk.

Mother Yashoda, leaving her job of churning curd began to attend her lovely son with milk. When she rushed to him, she had left some cow milk on the fireplace for boiling. All of a sudden, the cow milk boiled and began to spill out of the vessel. Seeing this,  mother Yashoda ran towards the fireplace abandoning Krishna for a while.

Krishna was still hungry and wanted milk for some time more. He thought “Okay, so maiya prefers milk more than me!?!” He got furious and hit on the pot of curd with a stick. As a result, the pot got broken and the entire butter was spilt on the ground. Still not satisfied, Krishna got to the room where butter was stored. Getting onto a big mortar, he brought down a pot full of butter and began to distribute among his sakhas and some monkeys that were frisking about there.

When Yashodaji came back after removing the boiling milk from over the fire, she found her churning pot broken. She understood that this type of mischief can only be done by her naughty Krishna! She started looking for Krishna but she couldn’t find him anywhere. When she discovered Krishna's footprints, followed them with a stick in her hand. Reaching the room, she found her son feeding his mates and monkeys with butter.

Seeing his mother with a stick in her hand, Krishna got down from the mortar and rushed outside, mother followed him. Yashodaji had decided that whatever happened, she would catch Krishna any how.

But Yashodaji was aged and after running for a while after Him, she got tired. Little Krishna noticed that mother was sweating and breathing high. So he decreased his running speed and the mother caught him easily. She couldn’t understand that Krishna had deliberately got himself caught!
Now seeing mother with a stick in her hand, Krishna got frightened. He started weeping, tears started coming out from his eyes. She could not see her Krishna with tears! She threw the stick.

After sometime, she thought if she always let his mischieves go, that would spoil him ever more. So she desided to bind him with the mortar.

She caught Krishna by the hand and said, "Kanha, you have become extremely naughty now. I must punish you today."  Saying so, Yashodaji  brought Krishna near the mortar on which he was standing some time before. She started tying him to the mortar but the rope fell short.

Now Yashodaji  tried a longer rope but it fell short too. She tried several ropes, each longer than the previous one, but all of them failed to do the job. At last Yashodaji  joined all the ropes through knots in order to tie her son to the mortar. Strangely enough, such a long rope fell short too. Not knowing what to do, Yashoda sat down weeping and said, "Krishna! Why should you bother me to this extent? I won't speak to you at all." Finding his Maiya helpless and troubled at heart, Krishna began to smile and tied himself to the mortar with his own hands. Feeling satisfied, Yashodaji  set about doing some household job. Krishna sat down on his knees and caused the mortar to tumble down so that it could roll when drawn.

It is also said that when all the ropes of Vraj fell short to tie Krishna, Radhaji had given her silk ribbon and Krishna got bound by that small ribbon...!!
Krishna can be bound only by unalloyed devotion and love!!