Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stories written by kids based on KRIPALU value-Perseverance

One day we were playing a basketball match. Our team got 27 points but the other team got 30 points. There was only a few minutes left for the match to end. My friend said “We have to win the match.” We all discussed and found a new strategy to win. Our team work and attitude to win played a major role in winning the match.
                                 By Ashwin
One day I worked hard on a lego house I was building. It was really hard. The lego blocks were for seven years but I was five years old when I was fixing it. Because I was trying hard I could do it. I didn’t give up and my lego house came out great.
                                By Devesh
Spelling Bee
Once I saw a sign at school which had the words SIGN UP FOR THE SPELLING BEE. I thought to myself, “I’m good at spelling. Maybe I can join.” When I got home, the first thing I said to my mom was, “I have to join the Spelling Bee!” “What grade do you have to be in to join?” asked my mom. “Third grade and up,” I replied. “Let me ask daddy,” She said. “Okay” I said miserably. When my dad got home, my mom told him. My dad thought it was a wonderful idea. “Let’s practice right away,” I said to myself. Every day I practiced. Finally It was time for the Spelling Bee. I got up and I showed the crowed that I am a good speller. I missed 2 words. For the 4th grade Spelling Bee I came In 3rd place!
By Riddhi
During my summer vacation, I joined chess class at Rocky Hill Parks and Recreation. We were taught the basics of Chess in 7 classes, after which we had a tournament between the participants. To my disappointment I couldn’t even qualify for the finals. I felt really bad about this and discussed with my parents. My mom advised me to practice chess with an experienced player. All though this seemed like a long rate to success, I gave it a try. I started practice with my neighbor 4 days in a week. 3 months later we had a chess tournament for the Century Hills Diwali Celebration. Guess what? I won the tournament. Through this experience I learned that hard work and dedication are the secrets of success.
By Ashwanth

Three Cats and the mice
In a house, there lived 3 cats. Their owners were on vacation, so they were not fed. One cat smelled mice. All the cats went to find the mice. There were only 2. Then one cat spotted a third mouse. As a greedy cat ate its mouse, the other cat tried to catch the hidden mouse for his friend. He did not succeed. The greedy cat decided to help catch the mouse. They tried many times. After trying 10 times, they finally caught the mouse. They generously gave the other cat their catch.
By Richa

One time my friends and I were playing in the park. We all wanted to play different games. I  wanted to play catch, My other friend wanted to play freeze tag and my other friend wanted to jump rope. We kept thinking of ideas, but we could not think of something we all wanted to do. “I have an idea!” I said suddenly. “We can play freeze tag. To tag someone, you have to hit them with the ball. If you want to get unfrozen, you have to jump 10 times in a row!” My friend exclaimed, “That’s a great idea!” So we all had fun playing the game. We compromised and found a solution.
                                                                                          By Mini