Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Personification of Devotion, Grace, Selfless Service and Unconditional Love For Krishna, RADHA !

Radhaji, Personification of Devotion, Grace, Selfless Service and Unconditional Love for Krishna.

Radhashtami is a very special and important festival.  On this day Shree Radharani appeared  in Barsana (U. P. India) . Radharani is the eternal consort of Shree Krishna. She appeared on the earth fifiteen days after Shree Krishna’s appearance in Mathura. She is the original and most loving form of Shakti, or the Divine Mother of the Universe. The festival falls on the eighth day of bright fortnight of  the Hindu month Bhaadra ( August-September).

Meaning Of  Radha:

Ved says,  कृष्णेन आराध्यते इति राधा I Radha is the one who is adored and worshiped by Shree Krishna Himself!!

Radharani is often reffered to as Shree Radharani, Radhika or Radhikarani. According to Upnishad, the one Supreme entity manifests in two forms to increase its bliss- Radha and Krishna. Shree Krishna is the source of all energies and Radharani is His Supreme Divine Energy, or Yogmaya.

In the Shreemad Bhagavatam there is only indirect mention of Radharani, as the Gopi who was most dear to Shree Krishna. It is explained that the speaker of Bhagavata, Shukdev Paramhans is an eternal associate of Radharani. He is so devoted to Her, that if he ever takes Her name he faints for six months. He had to relate the entire Bhagavatam to Parikshit in seven days. Therefore, he refferd to Her as the one Gopi who loved Shree Krishna the most.

Appearance of Radhaji:

Radharani’s appearance is very much similar to that of Mother Seeta. She was not actually born to Her parents. King Vrishbhanu, was a king of the cowherds in the land of Braj. One day, when he was bathing in a lake, he saw that a golden lotus with tremendous effulgence was floating and coming closer to him. When it came more closer he found a beautiful little girl with Divine effulgence on that lotus flower.

Vrishbhanu was filled with fatherly affection and brought the baby back home. When the king returned to the palace with the baby, Queen Kirtida was delighted. At that time Radharani’s eyes were closed, and She refused to open them. Vrishbhanu and Kirtikumari were very upset by knowing that their daughter, RADHAJI did not open her eyes even after one year of her appearance.She grew up in Her father Vrishbhanu’s home in Barsana. Afew years went by, and Vrishbhanu had a grand function, in which he invited the neighboring villages. Shree Krishna came along with His parents to the function. When He reached by the side of little Radha, She opened Her eyes for the first time, and saw Her Beloved Lord, for whose pleasure She had descended on the planet earth!!

Radhaji’s  bodily complexion defeats the beauty of gold. Her large and big eyes full of compassion, filled with grace and love, are just like the wide petal of pink lotus. Her Beloved Krishna has a blue hue and to keep Him always closer, She prefers to wear blue saree. She adorns herself with beautiful flowers and flower strings in Her braid to please Krishna.

Devotees pray to Her to Bless them with Divine Love for Shree Krishna. In Vrindavan, they sing kirtan:
                                                 Radhey Radhey! Shyam se mila de!
                                    “ O Radharani! Kindly help us meet Shree Krishna!”
Devotees pray to Radharani to grant them seva of Her Beloved Lord, knowing that if they can please Her, Lord Krishna will be pleased automatically. It is not only confusing to understand the glory of Goddess RADHAJI but also difficult to describe RADHAJI in one form or beauty.

Many temples follow the tradition of keeping Radharani’s feet covered all through the year. On Radhashtami, devotees especially have the auspicious darshan of Radharani’s Lotus-feet.

Radharani is the Goddess of Devotion, or Bhakti, and Her Love for Shree Krishna is the highest ideal of selfless devotion. The love and relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha is above all relations existing in the world. Their relationship describes love, sacrifice, togetherness, separation, innocence, playfulness, friendship and devotion. Radharani cannot be simply called as the Lover of Shree Krishna because Lord Krishna used to worship Radharani along with all his love and care. The love story of Radharani and Krishna is not only famous in the entire world but also read and heard as the holy story across the globe.

The love of  Radha for Krishna is beyond the human imaginations and heights, none in this world can even treasure their love in words or feelings because it is always less in comparison to her actual love and simplicity.