Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winners!!! Chhote Kavi Contest, 2015

Bal-Mukund's Chhote Kavi 2015 Contest Results are out! We had budding poets from various states send in entries.  We would like to thank each and everyone of them for submitting their poems! The choices were many, and the decision tough, but the following children's submissions earned them well deserved wins! Congratulations to them all! Click on the topics and enjoy the children's creative writing skills.
Ria Patel
Rachana Tanksali
Shyam Sivasubramanian
Subject: I Love God
Saloni Aggrawal
Sonakshi Bhatia
Ashlita Lodha

CKC 2015: Winning Poem on “India is a very diverse country and has a vast and rich heritage”

“India is a very diverse country and has a vast and rich heritage”
By: Ashita Lodha
Prize Won: 3rd
Age Group: 12-15

“India is a very diverse country and has a vast and rich heritage”

How do you describe your Culture, your People, your Land, your Love?
Can words actually tell the story of a land, one that’s a true gift from above?
The languages are so hard and people say they are inexhaustible,
Yet today in India their languages are much more scarce and can also be impossible

So here is my attempt to describe My Land,
Its Tribe, Its Nation, Its People, Its Clan!

India, its vastness, mind blowing,
Its beauty, everywhere showing!

Its rivers, swift and flowing,
Its mountains, tall, mighty and glowing!

 Its valleys, deep and colorful,
Its plains and plateaus, breath takingly beautiful!
Its desert, large and endless,
Its overwhelming springs in its wilderness!

Its color and brightness,
The very mark of life,
The people's politeness
The truth about strife!

Its people, colored and many,
Hearts filled with love and hospitality!
Its people separated by distance and city,
Yet all Indians, a colorful family!

 It’s Religion, completely religious,
Often you’ll find religions that seem prodigious!
North, South, East, West,
Truly, All equally, the Best!

 Besides its beauty,
It has remarkable history!
History that proves braveness,
And marks humanity!

India, has come a long way,
Today, so different and yet set in its way!
There are things about India that may never change,
But these are the very things, we Indians would never exchange!

We might grumble and look green eyed at other nations,
But we truly adore our country and its unique relations.
To sum it up, India is Vast, Beautiful and Grand,

I’m glad it is our Home, our Love, our Land!

CKC 2015, Winning Poem on “My Prayers to God”

“My Prayers to God”
By: Sonakshi Bhatia
Prize Won: 2nd
Age Group:12-15

“My Prayers to God”

I fold my hands and bow my head
And sit up straight beside my bed
I close my eyes and focus my mind
And pray to God for He is kind

To Lord Ganesha I pray
To show me the way
And guide me to the door
That leads to many more

To Lord Shiva I ask
To help me with the task
Of taking my negative qualities
And sending them away with the breeze

 From Devi Saraswati I seek
To not be at all weak
And to bestow on me
The knowledge to be free

 I pray to long lengths
To send others strength
And also for world peace
So any wars would cease

 Our fate is blessed by God’s graceful hands
But it’s up to us to follow the right commands
I pray to follow the right course
And choose it willingly without any force

So God knows best
Though it may seem like a test
He will always guide us

It’s His job; so don’t lose trust

CKC 2015, Winning Poem on “The 3 Keys to Perseverance — The Greatest Strength”

“The 3 Keys to Perseverance — The Greatest Strength”
By: Saloni Agarwal
Prize Won: 1st
Age Group: 12-15

The 3 Keys to Perseverance — The Greatest Strength
Someone tells you to persevere,
This may seem hard
But 3 keys will keep you on guard
With them success will appear

Patience is a key that opens many doors
It is bitter
You may feel as if you are on the floor
But you won't be a quitter
The more you wait
The sweeter the outcome
The better the income
Patience is an important character trait

Good attitudes bring success
It feels like adrenaline pumping
And fog clearing
Also it removes stress

You plant a seed of inspiration
The seed will thrive
Joy will be alive
Other are quickly put to action

Setting goals
separates wads
Into different squads
That play an important role

When an obstacle comes up
Make the goal pop
For all obstacles will drop
A big thumbs up

Remember to set the goals low
Not achieving a goal
Will cause things to go out of control
Victory will seem as if lost long ago

Following these three keys
Will drop all negativity
And pick up positivity

Life will be a breeze

CKC 2015, Winning Poem on “Krishna is my friend”

“Krishna is my friend”
By: Shyam Sivasubramanian
Prize Won: 3rd
Age Group: 8-11


He gave me shelter from Indra,
From the secret love mantra
He danced on top of a snake,
To send away venom from a lake
He killed Kamsa for the greater good,
And many times saved his neighborhood
He helped destroying kauravas,
Brought peace on earth by Pandavas
He enhances our lives
By his magical music in our believes
He makes our life fun, funny, rhythmic, protective
Who is that magician “HE”, do you know?
            Do you know?

That is none other than my beautiful, lovely Krishna, Krishna!!

CKC 2015: Winning Poem on "My Best Friend Krishna"

My Best Friend Krishna
By: Rachana Tankshali
Prize Won: 2nd
Age Group: 8-11

My Best Friend Krishna

He’s my heart
He’s my soul
He is my part
To help me reach my goal
My best friend Krishna |

Without him the world would be incomplete
As nobody could ever match Him
He makes my life complete
My best friend Krishna |

He’s my partner
Flute playing with joy
The world would be impossible without Him
My best friend Krishna |

Submerging his hands in the butter
Licking his fingers with joy
O naughty Krishna
Happy with joy
Life is in him
Even the world as well
My best friend Krishna |

 Tricking the Gopikas
Naughtily chuckling away
Ducking down to prevent the smile
That shines like sunshine through his eyes
Nobody is naughtier than him
My best friend Krishna |

Not just being naughty, but good as well
Being affectionate to Balarama
He handled all the life’s drama
 My best friend Krishna |

 Got to learn a lot
Perfect example of leading a blissful life
Eternity love to all

My best friend Krishna |

CKC 2015: Winning Poem on "I Love God"

CKC 2015 Winning Entry on:  I Love God
By: Ria Patel
Prize Won: 1st
Age Group: 8-11

I  Love God

Radha and Krishna,
A beautiful sight,
They control the world,
With all their might.

 They help us out,
On them you never doubt,
On God we should trust,
In life that is a must.

Always remember God,
More than your iPod,
Instead of playing a game,
You should take God’s name.

Never do bad work,
Or you’ll be a big jerk,
Accept what you are,
Or you won’t get that far.

Remember you’re just the soul,
Don’t ask for much more,
God’s teaching has no end,
God is my best friend.

So just follow these things,
To be a nice human being,
And that’s not odd,

That I love god!