Monday, October 31, 2016

Important Teachings of Govardhan Pooja

Giriraj Goverdhan Leela is a very famous and blissful pastime. We all know this full of wonders episode of Shree Krishna childhood's Leela. This pastime teaches us very important lessons to walk and grow on the path of devotion. 

Important lessons from the wonderful pastime of lifting Goverdhan hill and pooja of this divine hill:

1. Powers are given to serve God and His people, never use them for selfish motives.

2. Do not pamper or flatter a false pride and ego of anyone.

3. Do not worship anybody out of fear or greed.

4. Never forget those who directly serve, feed or protect you. Respect them with due offerings.

5. Concentrate on your karma or action rather than flattering demigods.

6. Before following any rituals regarding worship, it is very much important to know the purpose and need of them. 

7. Be spiritual rather than merely following the rituals.

8. Do not use the powers, given by God, to harass or torture innocent people.

9. Though Shree Krishna is beyond likes and dislikes, He does not appreciate anyone's false pride or ego.

10. Have full trust in Lord Krishna's teachings. By following His instructions and guidance, no difficulties or hardships can harm you.

11. Those who follow teachings of Shree Krishna, Krishna Himself protects them.

12. God has powers beyond our imagination.

13. Shree Krishna is the original Doer. Just like the gopas - friends of Bal Mukundraised sticks to help Shree Krishna to hold Shree Goverdhan hill, we also take false pride or satisfaction of doing various services.

14. Those who negatively use their powers, finally have to accept the defeat.

15. Fully Surrender to Shree Krishna. Remember His words in Bhagwad Gita "mamekam sharanam vraja" ( Simply surrender unto ME alone).