Thursday, April 14, 2011

One lovely adventure with Krishna!!

Tia Vasudeva from Bal-Mukund center, New Jersey, USA has written a sweet little email to dear Swamiji along with AWESOME stories about her friend Krishna.  She has also sent beautiful drawings.  
Tia, we really appreciate your contributions and are sharing them with all.
First her email:
Radhey Radhey Swamiji,
My name is Tia Vasudeva and I live in NJ.  I am 7 years old and study in 1st grade.  I came to your retreat last year.  I also read the Bal  Mukund books that my Dad bought for me.  Retreat was lot of fun.  We also went to Mangarh Dham last year to meet Maharaj Ji.
I wrote some stories about Krishna.  He is my best friend.  I wanted to share it with you.  My Dad helped me put these stories and pictures on the computer.
Will you please come to my home when you are in NJ this year ?
Tia Vasudeva 
 Now the stories.  There are two of them:

1. One Lovely Adventure

One day I dreamed that I came to a place called Govardhan.  At Govardhan I saw a big hill called Govardhan hill.  I went up Govardhan hill, it had a thousand steps. Once I came to the top I saw an enormous statue that had the shape of Krishna.  I went inside it and first saw many people and then I went more in and then I saw the real dust of Krishna's feet and Radha's feet and Guruji's feet.  I went deep inside and I saw a glittery mango.  I went so deep inside that I saw a glowing flute and the flute was Krishna's flute.  I stopped and picked it up.  I went really deep inside and I saw Krishna.  As soon as I came to Krishna I gave him his flute.  He thanked me very much because the Gopis hid his flute and if he didn't play his flute the place will get dark.  We started to play and tell jokes and eat snacks.  Krishna played his flute and my heart melted.  He was so kind that I wanted to take him home.  I told Krishna I want to take him home.  he said, "I will only come if you give me butter." So I gave him butter and then he came to my house.  It was a great joy to have him around.

2. The best day ever

Yay it's the best day ever!

One morning the gopis and the gwalbals woke up.  They started packing and dressing for the day. It was a nice sunny day.  The gwalbals' names were Subala, madhu, Krishna, Tia, Balram, Chandra. The gopis' names were Lalita, Vishakha, Radha, Tisha.
Krishna brought lunch.  Subala brought breakfast, madhu got yummy snacks.  Tia brought pearls for Krishna's favorite cows.  Balram got dinner.  They started taking the cows for a drink in the Yamuna.  Then they ate breakfast.  The breakfast was cereal.  Then they took the cows for a long walk. 
After that they ate lunch.  The lunch was roti and dal chawal.  Then they took little nap.  They ate snack after that.  The snack was mango and water melon.  Then they put pearls on the cows.
Then they ate dinner.  The dinner was khichadi.  Then they went home and slept.