Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sincere prayer of elephant

Gajendra Moksha
Indradyumna was a king known for his virtues. His ways were honest and he was concerned for his subjects. He was deeply spiritual. Once, he called a meeting of his ministers and told them that he wanted to live in the forest to devote all his time in worshipping Lord.

The king went to the Kulachal Moutains and made his home in a small cottage. He observed a vow of silence and immersed himself in meditation of Lord Vishnu. One day, Sage Agastya came to the Kulachal Moutains with his disciples. On seeing Indradyumna not reacting or welcoming them, Sage Agastya mistook it for pride. He cursed Indradyumna in anger and turned him into an elephant. Lord Vishnu witnessed this from Vaikunth (His Divine abode), and smiled.

Having become an elephant, King Indradyumna began roaming in the forest. Once he came across a big herd of elephants. To be accepted by the other elephants of the gang, Indradyumna defeated the head elephant. He was crowned the new leader of the herd, and came to be known as Gajendra. One day, Gajendra decided to move with his herd to Trikuta Mountains, which he considered a better place then Kulachal.

After storming their way through the Trikuta forest, the herd of elephants proceeded towards a lake. They were not aware that it was a crocodile's home. 

The crocodile did not like the herd entering his place. In a mood of attack, he moved towards Gajendra.

Deciding to teach Gajendra a lesson, the crocodile caught hold of Gajendra's leg. The faithful herd of elephants tried to save their leader but no matter how hard they tried, were no match to the immense strength the crocodile seemed to posses. Eventually, they gave up and Gajendra requested them to move on without him, as he did not want to put the rest of the herd in danger.

The crocodile was sinking his teeth so hard in Gajendra's leg that the pain become unbearable. The elephant tried his best to free his leg from the crocodile's grasp, but did not succeed. Finally, he turned to Lord Vishnu and humbly surrendered himself in devotion to Him. He called out the Lord with his sincere prayer to come and rescue him. With tears in his eyes, Gajendra plucked a lotus flower from the lake and called upon the Lord wholeheartedly. “Oh Lord! Only you…only you can help me now…no one else is there for me any more“.

On hearing his devotee's prayer, Lord Vishnu immediately left Vaikunth and mounting on Garuda, rushed down to earth to rescue him.

Lord Vishnu released his discus and struck the crocodile like lightning, freeing Gajendra's leg. Gajendra was overjoyed to see his Lord, and offering a lotus flower, paid obeisance to Him. Lord Vishnu blessed Gajendra and with His Divine touch, the elephant King regained his human form as Indradyumna. He thanked Lord Vishnu for protecting him and requested the Lord to take him to Vaikunth. This is how Gajendra, the elephant king attained God with his devotion.

The crocodile who was a gandharva by name Huhu was once having bath in river, and there came a rishi to have his bath. Huhu tried playing tricks to the rishi who became very angry and cursed gandharva to turn to a crocodile.Thus Huhu was released from the curse only after the touch of Lord Vishnu.

A sincere prayer of the devotee does not go unanswered by the Lord. Always keep God in your thoughts and believe that He protects you at all times.