Sunday, April 22, 2012

Act of Kindness by Bal Mukund ,CT kids

My Chipmunk
One day my friend and I were bike riding. When we were riding, a chipmunk ran into my back wheel. The chipmunk was bleeding on the sidewalk, but it was still alive. I took my jaket off and put the chipmunk in it. We brought him home and put him in a shoebox. We fed him and took care of him. We prayed to lord krishna to make him well. After a few days he got healthy and we let him go in the same spot where we found him.
By: Yogini Patel
My Bird
Once my mom, dad and I were in New York, at one night a bird knocked on the glass window. My dad went to check and saw a little bird wounded lying outside the window sill. He opened the window and bring the bird in. For the next several days my mom and dad took care of it. The bird would sit on our head, shoulder and hand whenever we were home. Then they let him go when she was recovered fully.. Later we came to know that bird was a parakeet.
By: Eshani Patel