Thursday, July 15, 2010

To be greedy is bad, greed leads us to misery!

Once there was a dog. One day he found a big bone while passing by a butcher’s shop. He thought, “Hmm! I’m lucky, but let me be smart. I’ll hide it somewhere, so that I can enjoy over it again and again.”
Carrying the bone in between his jaws, he started to cross a bridge over a stream. There he saw his own reflection. “Who is this?” thought the dog. “Even he has the bone, let me beat him up and snatch the bone. That ways, I’ll have two bones.” Quick at thoughts and quicker at action, he opened his mouth to bark and scare the dog away. Opps! As soon as he opened his mouth, we know what happened- the bone in his own mouth fell down on water. There was no dog down there; it was just a reflection of the dog up the bridge. Greed led the dog loose what he had.

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