Thursday, June 23, 2011

!! Two new feathers in Bal-Mukund's cap !!

Teach your kids while you learn the 
Essence of Hinduism
  • What is Hinduism?
  • What is there in Vedas?
  • Concept of re-birth
  • Significance of good & bad deeds
  • Surrender to God
Philosophy of Vedas at your child's doorstep!!

Add a dash of color in your kids' life, gift them 
Bal-Mukund Painting Book
Krishna is blue and Radhey is white
Color them all and color them right
!! Two new feathers in Bal-Mukund's cap !! As a part of its character building program, Bal-Mukund is introducing two books. "Essence of Hinduism" is a complete and simple guide to the basic principles of Hindu religion. "BM Painting Book" is a fun book for children to recognize important characters and stories related to Vedic culture. 
!! Book your copy NOW !!
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