Monday, August 22, 2011

Krishna stories from little Bal-Mukunds !!

Krishna and Kaliya
By Yogini
One day Krishna went with his friends to the river Yamuna to play a game with ball.  As they were playing, the ball fell into the river.  Krishna’s friends asked him not to go into the river because the poisonous naag Kaliya.  Krishna climbed the tree of Kadamba and jumped into the river to get the ball.  Krishna found the ball in Kaliya’s lap.  Kaliya’s wife asked Krishna to leave and not to wake him.  Krishna said, “ I will only leave with the ball”.  Krishna took the ball and woke Kaliya. Kaliya got angry and tried to kill Krishna. Krishna defeated Kaliya and ask him to leave river Yamuna and go to the ocean.

By Sakshi
This picture shows little Krishna
licking  butter that he stole from
the houses in Gokul. He was very
naughty. Krishna shared his butter
with his friends.
This is Krishna playing a sweet melody on his flute.
Krishna loved his flute.
Everyday people from Gokul used to listen.
It made the day for everyone.

Radha-Kund and Shyama-Kund
By Mini
One day Krishna with his friends went to the gopis. He said “I am a rightous person.” Radha and her friends Lalita and Vishaka said, “You killed a woman. How can you be rightous? You must bathe in the river Yamuna.” Krishna said, “I will bathe in all the rivers together, not only Yamuna.” Radha said, “See, what a foolish person you are? How can you do that?” Krishna made a big whole in the ground. Soon all the holy rivers came and filled the hole with water. “I can do that!” said Radha. She, Lalita and Vishaka began digging a hole. They didn’t get much progress. Krishna once said, “Do you need my help?” but Radha said, “No! We can do it ourselves!” Soon they dug the hole and then  got buckets of water from the Yamuna. They got tired and sat down. Krishna mercifully  put water in Radha’s hole. “I shall bathe in this river,” Said Krishna jumping into Radha’s lake. “I will call it Radha-kund!” “And I shall bathe in this one,” said Radha getting into Krishna’s lake. “I will call it Shyama-kund!” Then every day the friends played there.

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  1. All the stories are very good. It feels good to see kids away from India are learning about Indian culture. Many thanks to Swami Mukundananda for bringing Bal-Mukund program among us.