Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest

chhote kavi 2012 Chhote Kavi contest 2012
Bal-Mukund is proud to announce the launching of the “Chhote Kavi Contest 2012” designed for children residing in US between the ages of 8 to15 years.

Chhote Kavi Contest is designed to:

-Inspire youth to harness their inner talent and creative writing skills
-Promote sound understanding of Vedic-culture
-Instill love for God in the minds of our young generation.

Description and Topics:

Each participant contestant is expected to write prose using any innovative poetic form to describe the topics below. It is expected that the entries be original and in a manner that expresses their feelings or brings out sentiments.
The contestants are categorized in two age groups. There will be three winners in each category.

Age group: 8 – 11
Pick a topic from the following: [Max word limit: 150]
  • Playful acts of Krishna
  • Your favorite festival of India
  • Kindness {Any act of kindness in school or community}
Age group: 12 – 15
Pick a topic from the following: [Max word limit: 300]
Darling of Vrindavan
Importance of celebrating festivals
The kindness of God {in general or specific} 

CLICK HERE for Registration & Submission Details !!

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  1. Swami Mukundanada has started Bal-Mukund program to impart good values to kids and enrich them with God's pastimes. JKYog runs this program as part of their Charity and donations. Kids enjoy the time they spent in Bal-Mukund class.