Thursday, August 23, 2012

Janmashtami Celebrations in Ahemdabad

Bal-Mukund Ahmedabad center performed a grand skit on the occasion of Shree Krishna Janmashtami.

The story of the skit goes like this- There is one poor boy Gopal who lives with his mother. He has to pass through a deadly jungle everyday to
reach his school. So, he is afraid of going to the school and makes excuses. One day his mother tells him that his elder brother Govind lives in the jungle and he will accompany Gopal to the school. Now, with full faith on Govind, Gopal leaves for school. On the way, in the jungle he calls out for Govind and Govind (who is Lord Krishna Himself) appears in front of him and takes him to school. This becomes a matter of daily routine. There is a Guru pujan in Gopal's school. Everybody is planning to gift their teacher something special and expensive. Gopal has nothing, so he turns to his friend Govind, who gives him a matki (earthen pot) of milk. Next day Gopal goes to the school and gifts the matki to his teacher. His teacher asks him to distribute milk to everyone. Then a magical event happens. No matter how much you distribute, the milk in the matki never finishes! Everybody is astonished. They call Gopal and inquire about the milk. Gopal tells that his elder brother Govind who lives in the jungle gave him. The description of Govind's looks given by Gopal matches that of Shree Krishna. Nobody is willing to beleive Gopal. They make fun of him and call him lier. Dejected Gopal starts to cry and calls Govind. Suddenly, Lord Krishna appears in front of all. But only Gopal can see him, others can only listen. So, Lord Krishna tells all that since Gopal alone has full faith and love, only Gopal he can have darshan of Him. Others lack that kind of faith and love, so they cannot have His darshan. Shree Krishna says, "it is only for Gopal that I have come here to protect him from humiliation. Otherwise, you people will not be able to listen to my voice." Saying such, Shree Krishna vanishes. Everybody ask for forgiveness and sings glory of BAL-MUKUND !!!

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  1. It gives great pleasure to see children taking such interest in their culture. It is a great way to introduce them to the life of devotion