Thursday, November 22, 2012

Naughty Krishna by Khushi Singh

Group 1 [Age 8-11 yrs]
Khushi Singh-Albuquerque, New Mexico
Naughty Krishna

Oh my naughty Kanha,                                                                                           
Why are you so mischievous?
Why do you steal butter?
How will you distract the Gopis?
Won’t you tell me please?

Will you trick the Gopis by becoming Kansa’s butter contractor
Will you go to the Gopis’ house and steal all the butter?
And what will you do if the butter is hung up very high?

Will you make your friends stand on each other to reach up to the butter?
Or, will you throw a rock at the pots to make the butter flow down?
And, what will happen if you get caught?
What will you do then?

Oh Kanhaiya
What else will you do to have fun?
May I please know your next move?
Beware, one day the Gopis might dress you like a girl!
If you do not want that, be nice to the butter-makers
The Gopis!

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