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Valentine letters by Bal Mukund- CT kids

Why Lord Krishna is My Favorite God : By Ananya
Lord Krishna has many qualities that make him a wonderful God. There are three qualities that make him my favorite God. Krishna is very brave, he is mischievous, and like many other gods he is very clever.
Lord Krishna is very courageous. He protects everyone with his bravery. He shows me that I should be brave. When the villagers and friends are in trouble he doesn’t just watch everything. One story that proves that he is brave is when Kaliya poisoned the waters of the Yamuna river, the poison made people faint. But Krishna he danced on Kaliya's head beating time. His wives were so afraid that they prayed for their husband. That is when Kaliya surrendered to Krishna and promised to not harass anyone. This is one of the stories that prove that Krishna is very brave.
Another reason why I like Lord Krishna is because he is mischievous. When I see him acting mischievous in the lilas they make me happy. One story that I liked is when mother Yashoda was churning butter and had to leave him because the milk in the pot was overflowing. When Krishna was upset that his mother left he started his trick. He sneaked out and took the butter from the pots and started feeding it to the monkeys that were outside. His mischievous behavior makes me laugh.
One last reason why I like Lord Krishna is because is because he is very clever. One story that proves that he is clever is when Brahma tricked Krishna to see how smart he was. When he was playing with his friends he had to take care of the cows. So while he was away Brahma took the gopas and hid them in a cave. When Krishna returned he was shocked to see that his friends were gone. While going on a search to find his friends Brahma took the cows and hid them also. Now Krishna was starting to see that someone was playing a trick on him. Since Krishna had powers he made forms of the cows and gopas. When Brahma saw this he was shocked because the real forms of the cows and gopas were in the cave in a deep sleep. So Brahma got very confused. So Brahma bowed down to Krishna and said he won't trick him like that again. To me this showed that I should be clever in a good way.
These are the qualities that make Lord Krishna my favorite god. Lord Krishna is courageous, mischievous, and very clever. His stories always teach me a lesson. I love you Krishna.
Yours Ananya 
My letter to Krishna -by Aashita
I like Krishna because he cares lot about others. He had showed this when he lifted the mountain Goverdhan   to protect the villagers of Gokul from heavy rain. It had rain for three days straight. To protect the villagers Krishna picked up the mountain and held it on his pinky until the rain stopped.
Another reason I like Krishna is because I enjoyed listening to his childhood stories. He did a lot of pranks. He especially liked to steal butter even though the pot was hung from the ceiling to prevent Krishna from stealing it, Krishna always somehow got to it.
A third reason I like Krishna is because he was fair with his friends. One time Sudama brought poha for Krishna. Sudama was very poor so he could not afford any other gift but Krishna did not feel bad, gift of love was enough for him.
I love you Krishna. 
Yours Aashita 
My letter to Shiva-by Rohit
Dear Lord Shiva,
The reason you are my favorite God because you, alongwith Vishnu and Braham created the world we live on. One of the qualities I like about you is that you are strong and brave. I love you Shiva. Happy Valentine’s day Lord Shiva.
My letter to Krishna- by Mini
I love Krishna because he is lovable, playfull and brave. He is lovable when he is being tied by mother Yashodha with the rope of love. He is playful when he is playing with the Gopas and tricking the Gopies.He is brave when he is holding Goverdhan hill or defeating Kaliya to save Vrindavan residence. Krishna has all these good qualities in the world. I love you Krishna. 
My letter to Krishna –by Akshita
I like Krishna because he helped everyone from a storm. First, everybody used to worship Lord Indira but Krishna said to worship Goverdhan hill, because it gives shelter, water and fresh grass for the cows So they agreed to worship Goverdhan hill. When Lord Indira saw them worshipping the hill he got mad. Lord Indira used his power and started a huge storm followed by rain pour. It flooded everything. Everyone in Vrindavan started to run away to find shelter. Krishna lifted the Goverdhan hill with his pinky and everyone ducked under the hill. I love you Krishna for your strength and kindness.
Yours Akshita
My letter to Krishna-by Avneesh
The divine Lord Krishna is always watching you. Legend says Krishna was as elegant as peacock and all the Gopies wanted to dance with him.He had braveness in him that saved the Gokul from stormy rain and he fought with Kaliya like a fierce tiger. I can not imagine a life without Krishna. I love you Krishna.
Yours Avaneesh
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