Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bal Bhakta Dhruv

Long ago, there lived a King named Uttanpad. He had two wives, Suniti and Suruchi, and two sons. Suniti's son was Dhruv and Suruchi's son was Uttam. They were both five years old. King Uttanpad was very fond of his younger queen Suruchi, so he stayed with her. He rarely went to Suniti. Dhruv, the elder son, loved his father. So, Dhruv used to visit his father often. Suruchi did not like this. She wanted the king to love only her son, Uttam.

One day, Dhruv saw his brother Uttam sitting in his father's lap and playing. He rushed to give him a hug and sit on his lap too. Queen Suruchi stopped him and said, "You are not my son, so you shall not sit on your father's lap."

On hearing this, Dhruva looked at his father hoping that he would stop Suruchi and take him on his lap. But his father did not say anything and ignored him. Dhruv was very hurt. With tears in his eyes, he went home to his mother.

Queen Suniti was very sad to hear what had happened to her son. Dhruv asked her why his father loved him less. She comforted him and replied unhappily, "The king loves Queen Suruchi and not me. So, the king does what she wants, and neglects you. I am helpless."

"Mother, is there no other way I can get my father's love?" asked Dhruv. His mother Suniti consoled and instructed little Dhruv:

1. If you have to beg for something, let that be from God.
2. However much you ask of a human being, it will be little.
3. Suruchi has spoken words of truth, even if you want the throne, pray to the Lord!
4. When God gives, He gives in plenty.
5. God is the true Father of all us. He will make you sit on His lap with love.
6. If you get a vision of Lord Narayan, all your troubles will end.
7. Go to the forest and perform penance.
8. I am not sending you alone, my blessings and God are with you.
Hearing this, Dhruv decided to seek Lord Narayan. he took his mother's blessings and left for the jungle.

On his way, he met Narad, the closest devotee of Lord Narayan. Sage Narad tested Dhruv, " it is not easy to meet Lord Narayan. You are very young.You are just a small child. The forest is full of dangerous animals. How will you bear the winter's cold, the summer heat and torrential rain? Go back home and play with your friends instead." Dhruv was very determined to see Lord Narayan at any cost. His determination pleased Narad, who taught Dhruv the sadhana (spiritual practice) that help him see the Lord.

Dhruv started worshipping Lord Narayan. With every breath, he chanted the mantra in praise of God. For the first month, he lives only on fruits. After that, he lived on leaves and water. Finally, he lived on air alone. The penance was so intense that it heated up all the worlds. Devotees rushed to Lord Narayan and prayed to Him to pacify Dhruv by granting him his wish.

Lord Narayan was pleased with Dhruv's penance. He appeared before him and blessed him, "O child! Your father and all the others will love you dearly hereafter. Go back to your kingdom. You will become a great king and rule your kingdom for a long time. After our life on the earth, you will become the Dhruv star and shine brightly in the sky. All the great planets and even the seven rishis will revolve around you."

Dhruv became a wise king and ruled for many years. He spread the message of peace and justice in his kingdom. When he died, he became a star in the sky. This star, called the pole Star or Dhruv Tara is still seen shining in the sky. It is the only star that has a permanent place and does not change its position in the sky. All the other stars and constellations move around it throughout the year. Travellers look up to the Dhruv Tara in the night to find their way.

Even today, Dhruv is remembered as a great devotee of Lord Narayan.

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