Thursday, May 4, 2017

Glory of Mother Sita

Prakriti, a nine years old girl was listening to the various episodes of Ramayan from her grandma. She was relishing all the events of Ramayan. But as soon as she heard about the episode of 'Ravan kidnapping Mother Sita", doubts started sprouting in her mind. That little girl started questioning about the limited powers of Mother Sita! "Why Mother Sita is so weak? After all She is a wife of God, thus being a Goddess Herself why She is so dependent?"

Immediately grandma understood the doubts erupting in mind of her grand daughter. She magnified the glory of Mother Sita so nicely that finally the little mind understood the divinity in true sense!

This doubt comes not only in kids' minds. Many times even elders also underestimate the glory and divinity of Mother Sita. 

Mother SIta is non-different from Radhaji or Durgaji. She is Jagad Janani (Mother of all universes) Herself. What She played was just Her divine pastime in journey with Lord Ram! Mother Sita is a personification of tolerance, selflessness, dignity, devotion and unconditional love for Shree Ram!

The following points will be helpful to get a little bit idea of Mother Sita's divinity and glory!

Mother Sita, ​although the beloved princess of King Janak, sleeps on the dry grass, only to serve Lord Ram!

She, ​​​although the Swamini of all universes, roams in the forests bare feet, following the footprints of Her beloved Master, Shree Ram!

She, ​​​although ​the mother of all universes, bows down to the honorable saints, rishis​,​ and munis including their wives on the way during exile!

She, ​​​although the source of highest opulence, happily remains in simple saffron clothes only to match Herself with Shree Ram!

She, ​​​although ​the source of energy, shows helplessness when demon king kidnapped Her!

She although kills many demons all single handed as Kali and Chandi, yet allowed Ravan to ​abduct Her, pulling Her by Hair...only to co-operate to the pastime of Shree Ram!

She​,​ who provides food to all the entities right from the ants to the elephant, sustain only on the fruits and leaves in forest just for the loving association of Lord Ram!

She,​ who has the powers to liberate a soul of this material world, allowed Ravan to imprisoned Her in Ashok vatika!

She​,​ who is a spiritual form of Bliss, remain​s​ sad all the time in separation of Shree Ram!

She​,​ to whom falsely victimized person look upon for the right and ultimate justice, tolerates each allegations quietly, silently!

Mother Sita teaches great lessons to us:

1. On way of sadhana one needs to choose between material pleasures and comforts or an association of God. Choose God's association.
2. Be humble as much as possible irrespective of your status, age or qualifications
3. Accept simplicity as a motto of life
4. Be contented with your potentials, powers and skills. 
5. True bliss remains in God's association and not in material opulence.
6. Align your desire with God's desire.
7. Surrender to God's wish. If He wants you to pass through tests, accept it, with full faith that HE will always there with you in every tests.

Innumerable salutations to Mother Sita! For a material jeev, it is very difficult to understand Her divinity and the opulence of Her Divine Love for Shree Ram!

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