Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Devotion to God is the Nature of the Soul

Your hand is a part of your body, and the natural duty of the hand is to serve te body. It carries food to the mouth and feeds the body. In doing so, the hand automatically receives the nourishment, blood, and oxygen it needs for its own survival. The hand does not need to take care of itself separately. In caring for whatever it is a part of, its self-interest is automatically provided for.

Let us say, the hand refuses to serve the body, and says, "I have had enough! All my life has passed by in serving this repulsive body. No more now! Cut me away from it, I will take care of myself." Do you think the hand will be able to survive on its own! Definitely not!

Its self-interest lies in serving what it is a part.

The soul too, is an integral part of God. Hence, the natural duty of the soul is to serve God. 

By doing so, the soul automatically gets the Divine Knowledge, Love, and Bliss for which it has been hankering since eternity. Its self-interest is fulfilled by loving and serving God, of whom it is an integral part.

- An excerpt from 'ESSENCE OF HINDUISM'
Bal-Mukund Character Building Series.

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