Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Krishna ask,"If we are made of mud, why can't I eat mud?"

मैया मैं तो पायो भल गुरु-ज्ञान ।
कालि गयौं कालिन्दी तट हौं खेलन संग सखान ।
मुनि दुर्वासा ज्ञान दियो तहँ दै वेदादी प्रमान ।
कह्ो मनुज तनु कहँ माटी को एक खिलौना जान ।
उपजत माटी ते माटी महँ मिलत अन्त सच मान ।
मैया कह ुयह हौंहूँ जानति कहा कहन चह कान्हु ।
जो यह जान माय तो काहे देति न माटी खान ।
मैया कह लाला ! माटििहं ते उपजत तरुन लतान
जो खैहौ माटी तो निकसिहं तरु नासा मुख कान ।
लाला कह अब कबहुँ न खइहौं मनहुँ मनहिँ डरपान ।
कह 'कृपालु' हरि अब जनि सुनियो बाबन के व्याख्यान ॥
(Prem Ras Madira) 

Young Shree Krishna tells his mother, "I have received very good knowledge from a guru.”
Yesterday, I went to the shores of river Kalindi to play with my friends.
There, Sage Durvasa imparted us knowledge, giving quotations and evidence from the Vedas.
He told me that this human body is made from mud/earth (five elements), just like a toy.
It is made up of mud/earthly materials, and in the end it will merge in it.
Maiya then says to Shree Krishna, "I know this already. What do you intend to say, Kanha?"
Shree Krishna says, "If you know this, why don't you allow me to eat mud?"
Maiya says, "Lala, Creepers and plants grow in this mud.”
Maiya says, “If you eat it, plants will grow from your nose, mouth, and ears."
Shree Krishna got frightened and thought, "Now, I will never eat mud".
Says Shree ‘Kripalu,’ "Kanha, now never listen to the lectures from these babas".

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