Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shree Krishna is the True Friend!

This story comes from the Shreemad Bhagavatam.

Sudama, a poor brahmin boy, was a very close friend of Krishna. They went to the same ashram for their studies. Their guru was Sandipani.

As times passed by, Krishna became the King of Dwaraka and married Princess Rukmini, the Goddess of Prosperity. Sudama married a simple brahmin girl. He led a life of a devotee. He prayed and read holy books. He had no interest in worldly attractions. He was loved and respected by one and all, and his family lived happily.

Since Sudama led a very simple life, there was shortage of money all the time. His family had very little food to eat and few clothes to wear. As the children started going through hard times, Sudama's wife got very worried. She respected her husband very much, but on a cold night when her children shivered without a blanket, she went to her husband. She said, "Please go and meet your friend Krishna, King of Dwaraka. He will surely help us to lead a better life."

Sudama wanted to meet his old friend too, but he told his wife that he would not ask Krishna for anything. His wife agreed. She said she would be content with the Lord's blessings, which He would surely improve their condition in some way.

Before leaving for Dwaraka, Sudama asked his wife, I must give a gift to my Friend when I see Him after such a long time. What have you got that I may give to Him? His wife could find nothing else in their poor hut that she could give. All she could find was flattened rice. She packed the rice in a cloth and gave it to her husband, saying, give this to Krishna when you meet Him.

Sudama left for Dwaraka with his small gift. After walking for days, Sudama reached the palace. He felt uncomfortable and shy. He was thinking, I might have been Krishna's friend in school, but now He is a King! I am nobody. Will Krishna remember me? Finally, he sent a message for Krishna that Sudama, His school friend, had come to see Him.

Upon receiving Sudama's message, Krishna came running and embraced Sudama. Krishna took him inside the palace and made him sit on his bed. Krishna and His queen Rukmani washed Sudama's feet and fed him a delicious meal. After the warm welcome, Krishna asked, "Tell me Sudama, what can I do for you?" By this time, Sudama's heart was overflowing with gratitude because of the warm welcome by his friend. Sudama felt, Krishna has given me so much of love and respect. Is that not enough? How can I ask Him for anything more?

Seeing the opulence of Krishna's palace, Sudama was feeling shy to offer his gift of flattened rice. Krishna knew everything. "Did you bring me anything?" asked Krishna. Sudama could not even respond.

Krishna saw the little bundle hanging from Sudama's waist. He grabbed it and pulling it open, He said, "I see that you have brought my favorite flattened rice for me." He relished Sudama's rice and ate all of it.

Noticing that his friend looked ashamed of his small gift, Krishna said, "You have given me this gift which is very dear to me because it has been brought with love."

Next day, Sudama left his friend to go back home. He had not told Krishna anything about his poverty, and had not asked for any kind of help from Him.

On his way home, he thought of his wonderful friend and the joyous time spent together. When he reached home, he was surprised to see that instead of his small hut, a big house stood there. His wife and children, all wearing new clothes, came out to meet him. The house was filled with all things needed to live a comfortable life.

Sudama felt the glow and warmth of his dear friend's love and understanding. Sudama did not ask for anything. Yet, the Lord had given Sudama what he and his family needed. The Supreme Lord had blessed him with his miraculous power of loving care.

Sudama lived a simple life of a hermit all his life, while his family enjoyed the gifts of richness given by Krishna.

Moral - God knows what we need, and helps us at the right time. He only wants our devotion and love. If you want to live under God's love and protection, just place yourself in His hands, and follow His will.

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