Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CKC WINNING Poem [Gopal is Mine by Sonakshi Bhatia] 2nd Prize

Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest 2013 WINNING Poem
Second Prize

Gopal Is Mine

By: Sonakshi Bhatia

 Gopal is the one, who comforts you down,
When you are the angriest or saddest in the town.  He’s always there right at your side, 
From Him, there’s never a secret you can hide.
Sometimes it feels like He’s never there, But He is – to make things fair. 
The boring days will go away, 
When you and Gopal can play.

If you are sad and need someone to talk to, Just remember, Gopal is always there for you. 
When your family isn’t there and you’re all alone, 
Then Gopal is the one to phone.

When you’re hurting others and doing violence, Gopal is surely bound to be on silence. 
When you are nice and do not scoff, 
He notes it down and checks it off. 

He leaves most of life’s puzzle pieces missing, 
If you try solving them, it’ll leave you angrily hissing. 
When it’s time go to bed, Gopal watches alertly over your head. 
So I thank Gopal very much, 
To teach me to reach out to other’s hearts to touch. 
So when you are bored, remember what I said, 
Call out to Gopal and He’ll come alive in your head.

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