Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CKC WINNING Poem [Respecting Parents by Soham Patel] 1st Prize

Bal-Mukund Chhote Kavi Contest 2013 WINNING Poem
First Prize


By:  Soham Patel

 I give my parents love and respect,
I believe that's 100% correct.

My dad is so caring,
He is also very loving.

My mom helps me with my homework,
I am respecting her by doing my best work.

My parents are like my teacher,
To help me build my future.

My parents are so dear,
Because of that I have no fear

When my parents teach me how to worship at the temple
They keep it very simple

My parents are really wise
Those are not lies

My mom and dad are my best friend
And that's always going to be a trend

My parents are very helpful
And very respectful

My mom taught me stories of god
She taught me numbers that are even and odd

My parents tell wonderful stories during bedtime
I help my parents during my free time

When my mom makes delicious food
I will be in a great mood

I am going to impress my mom by writing neat
Also by touching her lovely feet

My Dad teaches me chess
I love him more, not less

My parents love me more than anything in this world
I thank them from my bottom of heart to bring me in this world

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