Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blissful pastime of Bal Ganesh and Bal Mukund

A Wonderful pastime of Bal Krishna and Bal Ganesh on Ganesh Chaturthi!

Once on Ganesh Chaturthi, Nanda Baba put a nice idol of Lord Ganesh at home in their Pooja room to celebrate the auspicious festival. Mother Yashoda made so many varieties to offer Ganeshji. As we all know, Ganesh likes laddu very much. So to please Him laddu were also made. Mother was putting all varieties in front of Ganesh one by one to offer him. Small natkhat Krishna was watching all these. For a change, today His mouth was watering to eat laddu.

He asked mother, “Maiya, please give me one laddu. It smells wonderful!”

Maiya said: "No Kanha! Today is Ganesh’s birthday. So first we all will worship Him and offer Him all Bhog. Then only as a Prasad we can eat all these offerings.”

Kanha: "Maiya, it won't make any difference if I will eat one laddu. You have already made so many laddus.”

Maiya: "Look Kanha, there are some rules and regulations. You should know them and follow them.”

Kanha: “Maiya, I am too hungry.”

Maiya: “You can eat butter which you like the most or drink milk.”

Kanha: “Oh Maiya, try to understand. I cannot resist the aroma of laddu. Give me one only!”

Maiya: “No means No.” Today Maiya was in disciplinarian mood!

Kanha felt very bad. He was really unable to resist Himself eating laddu. He moved closer to the idol of Ganesh and silently tried to get one laddu from the offering bowl, when Maiya was preparing the garlands. But He could not save Himself from mother's sharp eyes. Maiya caught Him stealing laddu. She got angry with Krishna.

Maiya: “Kanha you will never improve! Once I told you to wait for the ceremony, why don’t you understand the seriousness of worship?” Saying so Maiya tied His hands with a rope, so that Krishna could not steal laddu anymore and went to the garden to pick some more flowers.

Now how Ganesh could see Krishna suffering this punishment?

When Maiya came back, she was fainted looking the scene in the Pooja room!

Mangalmurti Ganesh Himself came out of the idol and put laddu in the mouth of Bal Krishna!!

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