Saturday, July 8, 2017

"The Beauty and Science of Temple Culture" Significance of Temple Bell

Why do we ring the bell in a temple?
Almost in all temples, we see one or more bells hanging either at the entrance or inside the temples. The sound of the bells adds devotional beauty to the whole ambiance. Usually, devotees first ring the bell and then they proceed for the darshan. Often we see even children enjoy to ring the bells and they keep jumping until they reach to it. What is so interesting about the bell in the temple?

Do we ring the bell to wake the God up the way we wake up by an alarm? Not really! Who are we to wake the one up who creates the dawn? Or do we ring the bell to get the permission of God before entering in His abode? But the temple is like a homecoming for a devotee and there is no need of permission for entering into the Lord's home! Then do we do it just to inform God about our arrival? God is all knower. He doesn't need to be informed.

The real reason why we ring the bell is for the sound it creates.

These temple bells are not prepared out of an ordinary metal. It is created from more than one metals. However, the real science is in the proportion of each of these metals. Due to the particular proportion of each metal, the bell produces a very distinctive sound which has a special healing power for body and mind.

The ringing bell prepares a person for a prayer. The moment the bell rings, all the thoughts get focused in the temple ambiance. The worldly thoughts start losing their grip. Thus it takes us to the special level of awareness. The mind starts getting disconnected from the outer circumstances which help to the receptivity and it gets maximum gain by concentrating on God.

It is said that the bell produces the auspicious sound 'AUM' which is a universal divine sound- the first sound that even occurred. Many Vedic verses start with 'AUM'. This sound aligns our inner self with the universal factor of divinity. The sound echoes for few seconds even after we stopped ringing the bell. That combination of sounds and vibration brings the mind to the different state of calmness through which the spiritual experience can be felt more deeply.
While ringing the bell remind yourself:

"I ring this bell indicating
           the invocation of divinity.
So that virtuous and noble forces
          enter (my heart. and Temple home),
And the demonic and evil forces
         from within and without depart."

Therefore, the bell has a very auspicious significance along with its beauty of sound!

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