Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Beauty and Science of Temple Culture" Significance of Parikrama

Why do we do Parikrama?

Parikrama, also known as Pradakshina or circumambulation is a regular religious activity for the one who daily visits the temple. When we are blessed with Darshan, special Pooja or other different religious ceremonies, we walk circumambulating the idol, reciting verses silently or singing loudly the glories of God. This is known as Parikrama. 

Parikrama is not just a ritual but it also has a deep devotional sentiment and significance!

We cannot draw a circle without a center point. God is the center of our entire existence. Parikrama reminds us this very very important point of devotional life! When we get out of the temple and get engaged in the daily chores, we should keep the God in our center. We should always remember that what we do is the God's energy and inspiration which empower us. We are just an instrument. It is only His pure Grace that we can do whatever we do, whatever we gain, whatever we achieve.

Wherever we go in this world which is so wide and full of varieties, our center should be God. We should live the life which moves around God, the center.

Parikrama also reminds us the principle of a circle. Every point in the circle is equidistant from the center. This indicates that when God is the center of the whole existence, we all are equidistant from Him. We all are equally close to God. Whoever, wherever and whatever we are, God's grace flows to everyone at the same pace, time, quantity, and quality. God showers His Grace without any partiality!

The idols of God are situated in the middle of the temple. They continuously spread divine vibrations in the entire ambiance of the temple. Maximum vibrations stay accumulated in this area. By circumambulating the idols, devotees absorb maximum devotional vibrations.

yaani kaani cha papani
janmantar krutaani cha
taani taani vinashyanti
pradakshina pade pade

"All the sins committed by an individual from innumerable past births are destroyed by each step taken whilst doing Pradakshina."
This verse also explains the importance of Parikrama.

Sing with great while circumambulation:
"Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare!
 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!!"


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