Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CPC 2014- Winning essay on "A Person's Strength Lies In His/Her Integrity" by Vedika Birla

3rd prize winning essay on age group 12 thru 15 by
Vedika Birla

Radhey Radhey!
This topic really captures my attention, “A person’s strength lies in his/her integrity”. In my mind, integrity means staying true to values. It means being honest and trustworthy always. An example can be doing the exact same if someone is watching or when nobody is watching. Such integrity determines how much of a fair and true person you are. Integrity is necessary between family, friends, and us.
Integrity within family means standing up for actions; this is important in all relationships but most important within families. For example, if I dropped food on my couch that created a stain and I blamed it on my brother. At first my parents would be mad at my brother but, then they found out that I did it, they would be extremely disappointed with me for a couple reasons, firstly that I had dropped food on the couch, and secondly that I had been untruthful and blamed it on my brother. From there on, my parents would not trust me as much as they did before. Trust in your family is like glass bangles once you break them you can’t repair it or get it back to its original form.
Integrity within friends means telling the truth always and keeping promises. If someone follows this it will only make your friendship grow. Telling the truth even when hurts, will actually benefit one’s friendship in the long run. When one let friends take blame for something you did, the friend will not like that person as much as he/she did before because the friend knows that, that person isn’t responsible for your own actions. Showing integrity between friends is also keeping promises and going incredible lengths to keeping the promise. The friendships will build once integrity is shown.
Integrity also builds character of a person. With the quality of integrity, others will feel better about a certain person because they will trust that person more.  It means that one will have a better relationship. God and guru will give more blessings. Without integrity, people will start ignoring one and they will think of one as an awful person and God and guru won’t give many blessings because there are no qualities within their heart.

To conclude, integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. Altogether integrity builds strong character within the heart. Integrity includes standing up for your own actions, not blaming others, telling the truth, and keeping promises all this will lead to more blessings. Most values revolve around integrity such as honesty, responsibility, patience, accountability, and care and above all devotion and love for God. 
Radhey Radhey! Hope this essay made you feel how important integrity is on a day-to-day basis!   

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