Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CPC 2014- Winning essay "India as a spiritual jewel" by Dhananjay Raghu

2nd Prize winning essay on age group 12 thru 15 by 
Dhananjay Raghu - 12 

There are many countries around the world that have given birth to many beliefs and religions. In my social studies class, as a 7th grader I am learning about many countries and India. When I learn about other cultures and traditions, I realize how Hinduism is more spiritual in nature. It is apparent to me and my friends from India that Hinduism is the origin of many other religions as well. Although all religions are one as my mother always says, yet I have come to realize that India is where Krishna was born and the actual miracles took place in Vrindavan and Mathura. The many incarnations of Lord Vishnu took place in India. Ayodhya, where Lord Rama ruled is in India. Buddhism which is practiced in 10 different countries, originated in India. Here, I am talking about religion because my mother has taught me that religion and religious practices are like staircases to reach spirituality. So I feel that one has to know one's own religion and its reason for such practices to understand spirituality. That is why I go to Bal-Mukund classes to learn more about myself and my origin. In my case I was always curious about my spiritual nature and going to Bal-Mukund classes has answered and strengthened my affinity to spirituality. I say my mantras at home and do Yoga and Pranayam before going to school. I cannot say I am regular but I try to do it every so often. India's religion is mainly Hinduism, but on the other hand it is not really a religion but rather a way of life, as I am learning at Bal-Mukund. This is mentioned in the "The essence of Hinduism", a book by Swami Mukundananda Ji. So when something is a way of life then it is only natural that spirituality too is naturally acquired. India, as my grandfather used to say is a karma bhoomi. Which means the action takes place or took place and people have to do penance, meditations and lead a spiritual life. India is a place where it is said that heavenly bodies descend to bless and this makes India a truly holy land. It is a birth place and a refuge for many religions of the world. In India there are many people from different religious background who live amicably. To name a few there are Zoroastrians, Christians, Muslims, Jains, Taoism, Confucius, Buddhists living in India. Because India is a spiritual land there is so much tolerance towards all religions. Many of the world renowned spiritual saints have come from this land. India is a spiritual jewel because spirituality is so ingrained in its entire people that wherever we live our spirituality makes us stand apart and we reach greater goals in the community. India the land of our origin teaches us to be spiritual. Through her, many holy saints and gurus come and guide us and who not only teach us Indians but teach the whole world about being spiritual. Some of my friends have turned to vegetarianism and practice yoga and pranayama, and this was due to some saint or a guru who has taught them spirituality. This makes me proud, to say that I am of an Indian origin, and I too am guided by Swami Mukundananda Ji through his classes at Bal-Mukund. 

Ref.: The essence of Hinduism (by Swami Mukundananda)
My mother who teaches me a lot about India and on spirituality

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