Monday, May 7, 2012

Krishna Avatar Leela by Shyam Siva

Group 1 [Age 5-7 yrs]
Shyam Siva- Shrewsbury, MA
Age: 6 yrs
 I have books about all the avatars by Lord Vishnu. In those avatars I love Krishna avatar. Do you know why? Krishna is very playful and I like to copy him. I have read lots of lord Krishna’s story books. In Krishna’s avatar I like the part when he was a child and stole butter and curd. I can say that it is my favorite part too. Whenever he did the tricks to steal the butter and made fun with his friends at gopikas places, and he often causes trouble, it will make me laugh and giggle.
He plans, and sneaks with friends to enter gopikas for butter.
I have few examples.
One time gopikas carried curd in a pot on their head. They lined up and walked home long way. Krishna and his friends saw the pots with curd. They sneaked behind the gopikas and threw small stones to poke holes in the pots.  Through the hole came curds rushing out. They quietly went near and drank the curd. When the gopikas reached home, they looked inside the pot, but nothing was in there. Then they noticed the hole in their pots and got upset and said” I just made curd and where did it go? It must be Krishna” Then they complained to Yashodha, Krishna’s mom. But she didn’t believe it. But she thought he was good, but actually he was very mischievous.
The other day, the gopikas have gone out. Krishna and his friends noticed and they wanted eat the butter from the gopikas’ house. The pots were very high on the ceiling. The kids couldn’t able to reach it. So, Krishna planned to form a pyramid with his friends and climb on them to reach the pots. Finally they reached the pots and poked holes and ate all the butter. Suddenly one of the gopikas came home and caught them. She took Krishna to his mom then he tickled the gopika’s hand and grabbed her son joined his hand with her. Again his didn’t mom believe it.
That because of lots of complaints one his mom got upset and tied Krishna in the barrel in their backyard. It looked like my time-out in the corner by my mom. Even with the barrel Krishna crawled in between two trees and smashed it. From the trees two gods came up. They were so happy and thanked Krishna for freeing them and gave them the original form.
Thanks for letting me share my favorite part to you all!

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