Monday, May 7, 2012

Story of Ram Avatar by Shivek Narang

Group 2 [Age 8-11 yrs]
Shivek Narang- Fremont, CA
Age: 9 yrs
Earlier before Lord Vishnu came to earth as Ram, demons were terrorizing the world. They were interrupting the penance of Rishis and many other saints. Mother Earth was frightened. Devas went to Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva for help. They both said they were matchless against the strength of Ravana, king of demons. Finally, the devas went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu told them that he will come as Ram and destroy the demons.

Ram, the avatar of Vishnu was the God who brought peace on earth. His avatar symbolizes the life an ideal human being should live and shows us the right way to live our lives.

As a young boy, he always bought joy to his parents. He always obeyed his parents even when he had to suffer hardships and difficulties. We know that he followed his father’s extremely difficult command of fourteen years of exile in the forest. He showed the world the virtues of being a great son. Listening to our parents and respecting them is what we learn from Shri Ram.

 He was very kind and generous to his younger brothers. In a game in archery, Ram won and Bharat had least points. They decided to take a break and count the points later. While brothers were away, Ram took away his points and gave them to Bharat. So, when they counted again, Bharat had won. This really showed Shri Ram’s warm heart, generosity and caring nature towards his younger brothers. He made sure that if he got any gifts he gave them to his younger brothers first. In return, he too got a lot of love from them. Ram and Bharat loved each other that they felt they could not live without each other. Even though, Bharat had a choice to  live a luxurious life, he chose to endure similar hardships as Shri Ram during his exile. Lakshman too obeyed his elder brother and loved him so much that he too followed Shri Ram in the forest. We too learn not to be self selfish and self centered. As elder brother or sister we should take care of our family especially our younger siblings. We should learn to love them just like Shri Ram did.

Shri Ram was smart and at a very young age he learned all the scriptures and knowledge very quickly from his gurus. He also learned archery and many other important skills to be a good king and an excellent warrior. Guru Vashisht was very pleased that his student was learning skillfully and very quickly. He felt extremely fortunate to have such an able student. Shri Ram was respectful to his Guru and Guru Ma. We learn from Shri Ram how to be a good student. We should be respectful of all elders, especially our teachers.

Shri Ram also was a great friend to Jatayu, Sugriva and Vibhishan besides many others. He showed how important it is to be a good friend He took care of Jatayu's wounds when he was dying and said kind words to him to make him feel better. In return, Jatayu helped Shri Ram by telling him the direction Ravana had taken Sita. Shri Ram helped Sugriva by getting him his kingdom back. Sugriva helped Shri Ram to first find Sita and then provided him an army to fight Ravana. Vibhishan worshiped Shri Ram and came to help him fight against his own brother Ravana. Shri Ram eventually made him the king of Lanka. We learn from all these stories that true friendship lies in giving rather than in receiving. “Do unto to others as they unto to” also rings true.  We also learn that if we keep good faith and pray to Shri Ram we will also be blessed like Vibhishan.

Eventually,  Shri Ram and his army crossed the bridge made of stones made by the Vaner Sena, and they put a fierce attack on Lanka. They were countless days of wars and fights between the two armies. Ravana sent out Kumkarana for a battle, and Shri Ram killed him. After, Lakshman killed Meghnad and finally an extremely long battle, Shri Ram killed Ravana. He made Vibhisan the king and showed mercy on the wives of Ravana and other raakshsas. We also learn to forgive our enemies like Shri Ram did.

Shri Ram fulfilled the promise Lord Vishnu had made to the devas and mother earth.

Praying to Shri Ram makes our heart pure and removes all evil intentions away. He always keeps us happy and stays beside us like our best friend. Lord Ram bestows His grace on us and never allows us to be miserable. When we say His name with true devotion our body gets purified. Ram loves his devotees, and takes care of them. If we sincerely pray to him he will always take care of us. Ram teaches us brotherly love and true devotion to God. He tells us not to harm creatures especially if they are helpless. His teachings also remind us to forgive our enemies. Above all, Lord Ram creates happiness and brings peace in our Heart.

Jai Shri Ram!

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