Monday, May 7, 2012

What I like most about Lord Krishna by Shruthi Siva

Group 2 [Age 8-11 yrs]
Shruthi Siva- Shrewsbury,MA
Age: 10 yrs
I love all the avatars by lord Vishnu. But I love Krishna avatar. That’s because Krishna as a child he did lots of leelas/mischievous and tricks. He is very playful, friendly, patient, brave, loving, beautiful and kind. That’s why I chose Krishna. Isn’t it so many significant things to learn from Krishna?
Krishna is very playful. When he was a child, he used steal butter and shares it with his friends. He was crazy about the butter and it was his favorite food.  One time when the gopikas were bathing in the sacred river, he quietly snuck up near the river, stole the gopikas clothes and hung them on top of the tree. A day never went without Krishna’s tricks. So, the gopikas kept on complaining to Yashodha, his mom. One day he got caught. Yashodha was really upset with Krishna. Then she said “what is this Krishna? I thought you behaved while playing outside.” Krishna didn’t have a reply. Yashodha waited for a few seconds.  Then Krishna said, “I didn’t do it, one of my other friends did it”. His mom did not believe him. So, no matter how much Krishna pleaded, she pulled him and tied him with the barrel they had in the backyard. Even I get into trouble like this and my mom will give me time-outs. I will try to stay out of trouble.
Whenever I hear about Krishna’s stories, they are very cute, interesting and it will make me laugh.
Krishna has many friends. All true devotees are his best, best friends. He never forsakes for his friends. He saves them always, even if he is in trouble. Krishna is everyone’s savior. THAT DOESN’T MEAN when a bad thing happens, Krishna doesn’t like you. It is all natural. “Krishna, Krishna”, chant these 10 times. Everything becomes peaceful. “Krishna, Krishna, Hare Krishna; Krishna, Krishna Shri Krishna” I will apply this in my life by asking my friends if I could help them with something they are in trouble with. If they yes, I will not hesitate to start with helping even I have work.
This is about Patience. Whenever he looks upon a bad person, he never attacks immediately. He is the ultimate. So, whenever he has some decision, either to attack or try to teach them how to be good, he usually chooses the second choice; be patient and try to teach them. But if you have had more than 10 chances,   and you failed them all, he will surely attack. For example, Kamsa gave lots of trouble to Krishna even before his birth to adolescent. Krishna was very patient and gave him so many chances to correct his mistake. But he didn’t he finally attacked him. I will try to stop scolding my brother and try to teach him how to be good and be patient with him.

Brave and beautiful:
He saved his people from the poisonous snake called Kalinga. He also saved his village’s people from a 7 day storm that Indra created. I will apply this to my life by taking more risks for good.

Loving and Kind:
Think of the most rotten thing that you have seen before.  Suppose you have it as your pet. Krishna would take care of this rotten thing like it was a scarce, precious gem. This is because it is a living thing. It needs to thrive. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it can die. Krishna is very loving and kind to everything no matter how rotten or deformed it is. Just because lord is my role model, I also will follow all his habits. I like to be loving and kind to my plants in my yard and friends’ pets, poor and the old people. I volunteer/try to be helpful to everyone. My parents are also encouraging me to do more nice things to help more people. For example, they took me to volunteer at Perkins Blind School last summer. I like to fundraise, and donate my outgrown clothes.
That’s how I adopt Krishna’s all good habits in life. I am sure that I won’t let go in my entire life!!

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  1. Little Krishna is always stealing butter. Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj has written many keertans on these leelas of little Kanhaiya.