Monday, May 7, 2012

Something About Krishna by Tia vasudeva

Group 1 [Age 5-7 yrs]
Tia Vasudeva- Marlboro, NJ
Age: 7 yrs
There is something I want to tell you about Krishna, something you may not know. I want to tell you this because he is very special to me. I am going to start with a few songs about him. Let’s start with the eating one (I would have preferred to sing but here it is to read).
Krishna loves to eat butter’
 It is his most favorite food,
 He also likes to eat Dahi, Doodh and Daal,
 He also loves to eat Paranthi….butter Paranthi!
 His favorite snack is fruits and he loves vegetables,
 That’s why he is a healthy boy!
The next one is how he looks. Krishna is cute. He has a peacock feather, wears a yellow dhoti, has blue skin and black curly hair. So beautiful.
Wow! Krishna sure is beautiful!!
Now comes the leela about going to this fun place. I made up this placed called ‘Atti-Uttam forest’. Pack your bags and let’s go with Krishna. We will have a lot of fun and go to many fun-places. OK let’s start.
Today is New Year. I and Krishna are sleeping in the tree-house. Yesterday we slept early. We got up at 5.00 am. “It’s so early” said Krishna yawning.  “And dark” said Tia as she stretched. “Remember we will be going to the Atti Uttam Forest and staying there for 2 weeks” said Tia and Krishna at the same time. “Charge” they yelled!  And then they both laughed. “Is the suitcase packed?” asked Krishna. “Ready, Freddy All right” said Krishna. “Let’s go-to Atti-Uttam Forest now” said Tia. “We will get to Atti-Uttam forest by foot .OK” said Krishna. When they got there they saw Gopis dancing. Krishna and Tia danced too. “I love dancing” said Krishna. “Let’s go to the garden” said Tia. “OK” said Krishna.
When they got to the garden, Krishna and Tia went straight to the lilies. Next, they went to the sun-flowers and then to the violets. They also went to the tulips, daisies and poppies. “I like the roses best” said Tia. “Oh really” asked Krishna? “Yup” said Tia. “I like the poppies best” said Krishna. Tia and Krishna played for a lot of time. They played tag, hide and seek and leap-frog. Tia and Krishna unrolled their sleeping bags. “Good night” said Krishna. “Good night” said Tia. They both fell asleep. After that it was silence.
“Good morning” said Krishna, “Uh” said Tia “Let me sleep”. “You will have lots of fun on the new day” said Krishna. “Let me sleep” moaned Tia. “But the birds are singing and you love birds sing”. Krishna came close to her and shook her gently.”Please wake up” said Krishna gently “OK” said Tia yawning. She and Krishna did their brush and bath. After that they had their breakfast of toast.. yummy yummy. During the rest of their trip they did a lot of other fun things. When they got back to their treehouse, it was night so they slept and they had sweet-sweet dreams.

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  1. Very nice and beautifully written. This is like a mini for kids!