Thursday, February 18, 2016

CKC 2015: Winning Poem on "I Love God"

CKC 2015 Winning Entry on:  I Love God
By: Ria Patel
Prize Won: 1st
Age Group: 8-11

I  Love God

Radha and Krishna,
A beautiful sight,
They control the world,
With all their might.

 They help us out,
On them you never doubt,
On God we should trust,
In life that is a must.

Always remember God,
More than your iPod,
Instead of playing a game,
You should take God’s name.

Never do bad work,
Or you’ll be a big jerk,
Accept what you are,
Or you won’t get that far.

Remember you’re just the soul,
Don’t ask for much more,
God’s teaching has no end,
God is my best friend.

So just follow these things,
To be a nice human being,
And that’s not odd,

That I love god!

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