Thursday, February 18, 2016

CKC 2015, Winning Poem on “The 3 Keys to Perseverance — The Greatest Strength”

“The 3 Keys to Perseverance — The Greatest Strength”
By: Saloni Agarwal
Prize Won: 1st
Age Group: 12-15

The 3 Keys to Perseverance — The Greatest Strength
Someone tells you to persevere,
This may seem hard
But 3 keys will keep you on guard
With them success will appear

Patience is a key that opens many doors
It is bitter
You may feel as if you are on the floor
But you won't be a quitter
The more you wait
The sweeter the outcome
The better the income
Patience is an important character trait

Good attitudes bring success
It feels like adrenaline pumping
And fog clearing
Also it removes stress

You plant a seed of inspiration
The seed will thrive
Joy will be alive
Other are quickly put to action

Setting goals
separates wads
Into different squads
That play an important role

When an obstacle comes up
Make the goal pop
For all obstacles will drop
A big thumbs up

Remember to set the goals low
Not achieving a goal
Will cause things to go out of control
Victory will seem as if lost long ago

Following these three keys
Will drop all negativity
And pick up positivity

Life will be a breeze

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