Thursday, February 18, 2016

CKC 2015, Winning Poem on “My Prayers to God”

“My Prayers to God”
By: Sonakshi Bhatia
Prize Won: 2nd
Age Group:12-15

“My Prayers to God”

I fold my hands and bow my head
And sit up straight beside my bed
I close my eyes and focus my mind
And pray to God for He is kind

To Lord Ganesha I pray
To show me the way
And guide me to the door
That leads to many more

To Lord Shiva I ask
To help me with the task
Of taking my negative qualities
And sending them away with the breeze

 From Devi Saraswati I seek
To not be at all weak
And to bestow on me
The knowledge to be free

 I pray to long lengths
To send others strength
And also for world peace
So any wars would cease

 Our fate is blessed by God’s graceful hands
But it’s up to us to follow the right commands
I pray to follow the right course
And choose it willingly without any force

So God knows best
Though it may seem like a test
He will always guide us

It’s His job; so don’t lose trust

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