Thursday, February 18, 2016

CKC 2015: Winning Poem on “India is a very diverse country and has a vast and rich heritage”

“India is a very diverse country and has a vast and rich heritage”
By: Ashita Lodha
Prize Won: 3rd
Age Group: 12-15

“India is a very diverse country and has a vast and rich heritage”

How do you describe your Culture, your People, your Land, your Love?
Can words actually tell the story of a land, one that’s a true gift from above?
The languages are so hard and people say they are inexhaustible,
Yet today in India their languages are much more scarce and can also be impossible

So here is my attempt to describe My Land,
Its Tribe, Its Nation, Its People, Its Clan!

India, its vastness, mind blowing,
Its beauty, everywhere showing!

Its rivers, swift and flowing,
Its mountains, tall, mighty and glowing!

 Its valleys, deep and colorful,
Its plains and plateaus, breath takingly beautiful!
Its desert, large and endless,
Its overwhelming springs in its wilderness!

Its color and brightness,
The very mark of life,
The people's politeness
The truth about strife!

Its people, colored and many,
Hearts filled with love and hospitality!
Its people separated by distance and city,
Yet all Indians, a colorful family!

 It’s Religion, completely religious,
Often you’ll find religions that seem prodigious!
North, South, East, West,
Truly, All equally, the Best!

 Besides its beauty,
It has remarkable history!
History that proves braveness,
And marks humanity!

India, has come a long way,
Today, so different and yet set in its way!
There are things about India that may never change,
But these are the very things, we Indians would never exchange!

We might grumble and look green eyed at other nations,
But we truly adore our country and its unique relations.
To sum it up, India is Vast, Beautiful and Grand,

I’m glad it is our Home, our Love, our Land!

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