Thursday, May 9, 2013

Krishna and Sudama

Group 2 [Age 8-11 yrs]
Akshat SinhaArlington Heights, IL

Krishna and Sudama
Sudama is the best friend of lord Krishna. Krishna and sudama studied at Guru Sandipan’s ashram. Once Krishna and Sudama went to the forest to pick brushwood. It happened that they stayed in the forest for a long time and Krishna got hungry. Sudama meanwhile, had some food. Though Krishna told many times that he was hungry, Sudama felt very shy to give his food to Krishna.  “How can I offer my food to the King’s son? He is from a very rich family and is not accustomed to such ordinary food”, he thought and when Krishna asked him once more “ Sudama you may be have at least something Sudama answered Krishna I have got nothing. Sudama was also hungry. And now when Krishna went aside for some time, he began to eat stealthily and Krishna noticed it, but he said nothing. Having finished with the brushwood, they went apart for their homes.  Time passed, studies came to the end. Sudama got married, and Krishna took up his king throne. Years passed,   Sudama became a poor Brahmin, he couldn’t even afford enough money to feed his children. Once his wife said sadly, “ If we don’t have enough food to eat we and our children will die.” Hearing this Sudama felt very sad and said,” I cannot do anything or ask favors from anybody.”Sudama’s  wife said “Why don’t you ask for help from Krishna? Maybe he can help.”Sudama said “That is a good idea.” He said “But what should I take with me?” His wife borrowed some tasty rice from the neighbor and Sudama took it with him. Krishna knew Sudama would come. All this time he was waiting that Sudama would stop being shy and venture to meet him. And here came Sudama. When he entered the palace Krishna was sitting with Rukomini and his court circle. On seeing Sudama he swiftly jumped out of the throne and dashed to him.”Sudama  came” Krishna shouted with joy.
All his wives, the court and guards were astonished by Krishna’s behavior. What happened? Who came? A common poor man came but Krishna is so glad to see him. They were at a loss. Krishna embraced Sudama and told full of emotion, “ Sudama  I am so glad to see you! How I was waiting for you! How I love you.” They were embracing each other and were both crying. Then Krishna took Sudama’s hand and held not releasing it. Krishna took Sudama forward, set him in his throne and he himself sat at his feet and asked to bring water. And all those around stood in full perplexity the way Krishna washed Sudama’s feet. Then Sudama had a rest and Krishna served at his feet.
When Sudama woke up .Krishna asked,” tell me Sudama didn’t your wife give anything for me?” And Sudama again felt embarrassed, but Krishna told “That’s all Sudama. If I took your hand into mine you shouldn’t be shy anymore.” Then Sudama offered rice cooked by his wife and Krishna though the most daintily dishes had been served up to his meals, took that rice and ate it. As soon as he took a bite in his mouth, the situation in Sudama’s home changed immediately. With each handful of rice something changed, as if the old life was finishing and the new one started. When Sudama returned home he could not find his hut instead his wife coming out from a magnificent palace. She told sudama, “Look at Krishna’s might, we have been rid of our poverty. Krishna ended all our miseries.” Sudama recollected Krishna’s pure love with tears of joy.  
Moral: True friendship does not depend on social status and material possessions. Like Krishna, we should love all and give them respect. That is why even thousands of years later the friendship of Krishna and Sudama is still remembered as a symbol of true love. 

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