Thursday, May 9, 2013

Krishna as cowherd boy

Group 1 [Age 5-7 yrs]
Suma Dendi- Rocky Hill, CT
Krishna as cowherd boy
Once there was a little cow herd boy. He and his friends liked to eat butter. He was very naughty but all the village people liked him.  One day he was eating mud and his mother asked him to open mouth. When he opened his mouth, she was surprised all she saw was solar system (entire universe).  The boys name was Krishna. He was living in Nandgaam (Gokul).
Krishna used to steal butter from the villagers houses.  One day one woman tied Krishna to a supporting pillar when he was stealing butter.  The woman went to Krishna’s mom to complain but she also found Krishna there.  So she went back to home to check on Krishna and she found him at her home also.  She did not understand Krishna’s powers and fell down.
One day there was a big storm but Krishna lifted up a very big mountain, Govardhan.  So all of the village people and cattle went under the mountain and were very safe.  Every one in the village loved Krishna.
One day Krishna and his friends were playing near a lake. After some time a big big snake came into the lake. The snake was poisoning lake water and killing people and cattle.  Krishna jumped into the lake and tried to kill the snake. Then the snake left the lake. Krishna saved every one so many times and they all like him.

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