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Krishna’s Relationship and Friendship with Sudama

Group 2 [Age 8-11 yrs]
Camila TorokVanderbilt, PA
Krishna’s Relationship and Friendship with Sudama
Krishna is very loving to Sudama.  When Krishna was with His Queens relaxing, one of Krishna’s guards told Krishna that someone named Sudama wanted to see Him.  When Krishna heard, he immediately got up to meet Sudama.

Krishna made Sudama stay for a long time, making sure Sudama got enough food.  Krishna also always kept him company. 
Krishna was really kind to Sudama and didn’t ask for anything in return.
Sudama didn’t need to say what he needed to Krishna, because Krishna knew and gave it to Sudama.
Actually Krishna gave Sudama a lot more than what he needed.
To be more clear, here is the story of how it all happened:
When Krishna and Balarama had gone to Ujjain to get education from Sage Sandipani, they also met a Brahmin boy named Sudama.  His wit, knowledge and noble heart made him Sri Krishna’s very dear friend.  When they returned to their respective places, they promised to remain very dear friends all through life.
Sudama was a poor Brahmin boy.  After getting education, he started teaching boys of his town, but he didn’t earn enough to live comfortably.  But since he was a content person, he didn’t care for money and never tried to unfairly get money. 
He was married to a young girl named Vasundhara.  She was a devoted and loyal wife.  But there was a big drought and they had hardly to eat and they were having difficulty with seeing their children go hungry.  Finally Sudama’s wife begged him to go see Sri Krishna for help.
Sudama was reluctant but ultimately went after his wife urged him.  He didn’t wish to ask Krishna for anything for he knew that it was best to surrender to the circumstances if the Lord so willed for him to go through this.
Sudama had no hidden reasons for loving Sri Krishna as his dear friend.  He didn’t ever want anything from him, in fact he always wished to be of help to Sri Krishna.
Sri Krishna, saw Sudama’s kind pure heart and how Sudama loved Him selflessly without any motives.  This made Sri Krishna melt in kindness and compassion and do anything for him.
Sudama was happy to give Krishna the little he had as a gift instead of ask for things and therefore Krishna couldn’t help but want to do anything and everything for this dear friend that he treasured.
So Sudama expected nothing but got a big palace and all that he needed to live without worry for food or money for his family.  Sri Krishna gave him this even though Sudama never asked.
You and I should be just like Sudama.  We shouldn’t ask our dear Lord for anything and we should be happy with our situation no matter what it is.  And when we do go and speak to Our Dear Lord, we should go offering what we have, out of unselfish pure love.
Then Sri Krishna will grace us with His Divine Love and Presence beyond our very imagination.

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