Thursday, May 9, 2013

Krishna by Ria Trivedi

Group 1 [Age 5-7 yrs]
Ria Trivedi- Cary, NC

Krishna was born in Mathura. Krishna lived in a small town called Gokul. He had two mothers named Devaki and Yashoda. One who gave birth and the other who raised him. He has one brother named Balram. All the girls in Gokul are called Gopies and the boys are called Gopas. All the Gopies would make Krishna dance for butter. Krishna is called a Makhan chor(Butter). He would go around the town stealing butter from all the gopies houses. One day mother Yashoda saw the whole universe in Krishna's mouth. Krishna also carried the Govardhan mountain on his pinky finger.
Krishna's a chubby baby. Krishna always carried a flute. Everybody loved to listen him play. All the gopies use to make him dance for a little bit of makhan but Krishna always wanted more.  He is dark in complexion than Radha. He wears a peacock feather on his head. Krishna wears a lot of beautiful ornaments from head to toe. Radha also wears beautiful ornaments. They look very good together.
Krishnam Vande  Jagadguru.

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